I’m pretty confident I’m being shorted gold

@polaris I need some serious help here. I’ve gone round and round with support within the game but they give conflicting answers. Regarding power crafting of badges, I’m not being awarded the gold in the “raid loot” I’m aware for any other badges collected and the XP. Support says the coins collected in rain loot “are used in the power crafting of the badge” however, the gold needed to power craft the badge is clearly outlined, and subtracted once completed. In fact, if you do not have the gold required to complete the power craft, you are required to purchase gold for diamonds! What is missing is the enormous Amount of gold in the raid loot not added to my total. Attached is an example, in order of bottons pushed. PLEASE HELP. After hearing this answer, I continued to use all my stored stamina for a contest, but I feel I’m out a HUGE


I believe that this in fact working correctly.

The 254,000 gold shown to craft the badge is additional to what is received in the Power Craft.

Thus the total gold required to craft that badge is 663,000.

Given that you started with 336,316 and gained 409,000 as loot, you had 745,316 to spend.

Hence, after crafting the badge (745,316 - 663,000) you are left with 82,316

It all checks out! :wink:

The only thing I’m not sure is where the 20,420 new crafting value has come from :man_shrugging:t2:

@polaris please review and answer. Thanks for your answer. But the cost $254k of the badge is set and paid, why would it be some unseen variable amount that is not calculated until after the power craft is complete? That makes no sense and is unfair to the user. In that scenario, we are power crafting but we have NO IDEA what the final cost will be. I could not powercraft unless I had enough ($254k), I would need to purchase more with diamonds, why wouldn’t I need to purchase more gold to powercraft if I wasn’t going to get the total of $600k, what if it fell below? The $600K is variable and not a fixed amount so there is no way to pay it to power craft. Not only that, the $600k is listed under raid loot, like the extra badges we collect as well. It’s easily subtracted in your equation because it’s never added to my total to begin with. If the extra badges go into our inventory, so should the $600K gold. If you think about of the big number of raids completed to power craft to get the number of badges needed, and gold is awarded with each raid, why would that all of a sudden be “cost to complete” the badge vs raid loot we get to keep? it’s easy to say “oh that’s ALSO part of the cost to complete the badge” but that also makes no sense unless it’s broken down. Right now it looks like the gold is being kept away from the users. Also, $20,420 was a boo boo, I didn’t mean to put a square around it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@support @polaris please help!

Here is another example and I had double gold drops for raids running. I purposely picked a badge that had no gold required to build it. I had double badge drop running too. Where did the 900K gold go??

This is working correctly. There’s no such thing as a badge that requires 0 gold to craft xD

As per my other reply, any gold shown in the craft screen is additional to what is received from the power craft. If that’s 0, that means your bank + the received gold is enough to cover the cost.

So, your bank of 176,698 plus the received gold of 900,320 is 1,077,018 gold.

After the power craft, you’re left with 247,018 - therefore we can surmise that the cost to craft the badge was 830,000. You can check the gold cost to craft manually to verify this :slight_smile:

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