I need a little help


Anyone know a good team to counter this stage I can’t seem to get pass mr.incredible


Would you mind posting your Heroes here?


Mr.I can be beaten with Tia as she can stop his heal…or that wad befo rw the update.

Consider freezing him?


This is my current team


PVE Mr Incredible is super annoying. An adequately leveled Moana should handle him though.


Yah Zurg is really squishy.

the thing is, Mr. I takes out back row thanks to his abilities. Maybe Hades would help?? Cuz he is a tank. Him or possible Judy.

I stand by what I said. Stun or freeze him.


Thanks guys :yum::heart_eyes:


Which of the characters from my line up should I take out


You have too many damage heroes. Id take out merida and zurg for control


Def Zurg. Keep Calhoun especially is she hsa violet disk. A support wouldnt hurt to have either. Maybe Merida and Zurg for Judy and Tia?


You have too many powerful Tanks/Damage Heroes… and my main team has 4 Damages and 1 Tank…

Sometimes, Damage Heroes become Support/Control-like Characters.

Your Calhoun, with her Violet Disc equipped, becomes a Support-like Character because she Shields the Whole Team.

I don’t know if you have Nick, but, my Nick, with his Yax Disc at 3 stars equipped, becomes a Control-like Character, since his Yax Disc lengthens the Charm rate and the Charm itself. He’s a great counter for Enemies with High Tenacity, including Mr. Incredible.