I need a lot of help

Don’t know what category to put this but I’ll put it here. Please help, I had to delete the game because it wouldn’t open and now all my data and stuff is gone, if someone could tell me how to get it back that would be incredibly helpful

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Did you have it linked to your Game Center, Google Play, Facebook, or Apple account?

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No, I didn’t have it linked to anything did I need to?

An image of your account ID?

The current or former one?

Former one

I didn’t get one…

Then the only way is to send a support ticket asking for the account back, but I doubt that’d be possible…

We can recover lost accounts. The easiest way is for the player to launch the game, link the newly created account to a recovery method and then use that account to contact support in the game with the details about the missing account. We can verify ownership and then link the accounts together.


Even when you are trying to link an account that doesn’t have a recovery method?

The idea is for support to link it to the new recovery method :smile:

Yep! There’s a lot of data that we can use to confirm it’s the same person using 2 different accounts.

It’s creepy it just took my fingerprint :joy::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::no_mouth:

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