I need an answer

@Loutre when does the anniversary happen?

The anniversary day should be in the 16 May, not sure if 17 May in some time zones more so.

As for if it is when the the actual main rewards and such will happen I am not sure about, but should be around 1 week give or take before or after 16 May I think.

As for the Anniversary patch notes specifically it is a bit hard to say if it comes before or after the 16, but it would line up well if the week before as 17 May is a Tuesday.
I think Disney Heroes as released in Europe after midnight rather than on the 16th, so would fit well if we get the anniversary update on the 17 May.

That’s what I know which is some knowledge and some guesses :-).


Thank you for answering my question.

No problem and happy to help :-).

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