I need help to see if my team is strong

Hello! So i am on level 87 and I need help building my team!
My strongest heros are: Honey Lemon, Pocahontas, Go Go, Bolt, Stitch, Raya, Joy, and Kermit!

Heros I don’t have: Magica, Oogie Boogie, Alice, Aurora, Melin Lee, 22 , Audrey Ramirez, Agent P, Duff Killigan
My current team: Honey Lemon Pocahontas, Go Go, Bolt, Raya.
They are all on orange except for Raya who is on O1!


Any recommendations on teams or heros I should level up more?

Upgrade bolt, and zues I would say at least

well first off, you said you’re on level 87, so you should level Raya up to 87.
and maybe try using Aurora, Drakken, Ian, or maybe Snow White on your team.

Okay thanks for the feedback I don’t have Aurora yet but working on getting city watch tokens to get her. I will level up Ian but idk about the others. I have tried Drakken on my team in earlier stages but he wasn’t as good had his skills maxed out.

Okay! I will def upgrade Zues but I was thinking maybe take Go Go off or something and putting like Zues on the team but idk if that would be good or not.

that could work, but good news, on Tuesday, she will be in the diamond crates!!

Okay thats amazing! Read the patch notes after I posted this comment so I will be able to get her then I will level her up and put her as a back up hero maybe like not on my team but there for like Surge or Invasion etc.

maybe Coliseum

Yea I will use her in Colisuem replace like probs Kaa.

yea that makes sense

Do you have mother gothel? If so she is worth working on

Yes! I am working on her rn trying to get her to O1

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