I need some suggestions for good teams

My best team is this
Bunny an ducky(Mr)
Bo peep(jo)

I needs some ideas for good teams
Analyze my team if needed it will mean so much to me

My team level is 127 plus my Mulan is red
I’m trying the beat arena, campaign and coliseum
The only resource I have is an active guild

  • Ducky & Bunny are good damage dealers. Their only weakness is they deal pure raw damage and are often used to just clear things instead of being true dependable DPS heroes. Cheshire, Bunsen & Beaker or Ian Lightfoot are much more dependable and versatile Damage/Control heroes.

  • Elsa is good. I would pair her with Kristoff for extra freezes. Not much else to say.

  • Sulley (Wo) is quite good but Winnie the Pooh is essentially him but better. Tankier, hits WAY harder and has utility by slowing enemies.

  • Bo (Jo) is good and apparently can soft counter Cheshire I guess. I don’t use her myself but apparently she can.

  • Mulan is great. Ian can counter her, but Drakken (Gi) may be able to protect her with a counter Reflect.

Overall, I would say keep Mulan and maybe Elsa. Build heroes like Cheshire, Ian, Bunsen & Beaker, Kristoff, Animal, Pooh, Nick Wilde (easy to farm and great late game), Honey Lemon and Kermit. Obviously more but these are who I can think of rn. Good start for a team though.

Also please only do a topic every day or so, multiple in one day is irritating and also it helps to have more context and pictures.

I know have also these people are they good sadness,disgust,fear,basil,clawhauser,king Louie,sweetish chef,wasabi,pleakley and more

Good teams mean different heroes at different points in the game. Provide a little info about what you have.

  • What team level?
  • What are you trying to accomplish (advance in coliseum, invasion, arena, or campaigns)?
  • What resources do you have (gold, diamonds, an active guild)?

My team level is 127 plus my Mulan is red
I’m trying the beat arena, campaign and coliseum
The only resource I have is an active guild

At this point the goal in arena and coliseum might be to make challenger level. If you are already there then it might be to place well each week. Fun fact: there is always someone stronger, but you don’t have to lose to them. This is where CW comes in handy. You can figure out synergies in your teams doing CW.

Campaign is straight forward. Build up your heroes. Stars, levels, then mods. Also be sure to add in any friend memories when strong enough. If you are on a newer server you should make it through without mods.

You are going to need gold and diamonds. So, you need to work out a plan and stick to it. Some players never refresh their stamina beyond the 50 diamond level. Some never buy chips with diamonds. Some people sell badges, XP, red skill and hero chips for gold. It all depends on your priorities. Running low in either one limits your ability to move ahead when needed.

At your level you should have figured out that you probably won’t level up every hero. Pick the core group you like and keep them leveled up. Next you might pick heroes you use often enough as alternatives. Keep them within a reasonable distance so that you could level them up within a few days. There are others you need for friendship battles but little else. Do the minimum until they become important to you.

Use your guild to help in every way. Make sure you return the favor. Ask for stamina daily. You have two opportunities to request adding a skill level each day. Work together in Invasion to get those free mods. Borrow a mercenary for battles in Surge and CW often, and post your heroes so you get rewards too.

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