I think Disney is Trying to Restart Disney Afternoon

Just here me out. It all makes sense. What better way to start a reincarnation of Disney Afternoon than the flagship of the whole thing: Ducktales. Other tv shows includes:

:black_small_square:Big City Greens
:black_small_square:Tangled the series
:black_small_square:Big Hero 6 the series
:black_small_square:The Owl House

And following tradition, they might make other movies into tv shows. Such as

:black_small_square:Woody’s Round-Up (a toy-story spinoff) it just make sense

If you have any questions, opinions, or predictions about Disney Afternoon’s revival. Don’t be shy of posting it.

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Wait… Disney Afternoon is getting revived? Where did you get that info?


I didn’t say that. It’s just a theory. Think about it, an abundence of animated shows i mentioned above and maybe more are appearing more frequently. So it’s stand to reason, that these shows are a new generation of Disney Afternoon.

Yeah, I don’t think so :confused:


Shows don’t pump out at the speed they used to.

Original Ducktales only released for 3 years, had 100 episodes and a movie.

Original DarkWing Duck only ran for just over a year, 91 episodes made (101 if you count the 2 parters separately)

Modern shows are lucky to achieve 24 episodes in a year.

This makes me think it was easier to schedule cartoon afternoons back in the day.

Yeah no. Just because there are new animated Disney shows doesn’t mean they are trying to revive the Disney Afternoon

I am just going to put out here that the title is clickbait. Also, I have to agree that this is not the best idea.


I didn’t mean for it to be clickbait. Besides, it was just a hunch.


Disney: creates Gravity Falls and Line Rider crossover and “Call Me Mabel”

I’ll let you judge the example…

Where did you get the third quote?


That’s not a quote


I’m really sorry, but what is disney afternoon?

Disney Afternoon was block on tv which was the birthplace of shows like:

:black_small_square:Adventures of the Gummi Bears
:black_small_square:Ducktales (1987)
:black_small_square:Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
:black_small_square:Darkwing Duck
:black_small_square:Goof Troop
:black_small_square:Aladdin: The Series
:black_small_square:The Snookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show
:black_small_square:Timon & Pumbaa
:black_small_square:Quack Pack
:black_small_square:Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
:black_small_square:101 Dalmatians: The Series
:black_small_square:Brand Spanking New Doug (a.k.a Disney’s Doug)
:black_small_square:Hercules: The Animated Series

Oh, ok. So, little refresh, why do you suspect it’s being re-opened?

Well, there are making more cartoons shows than live action shows recently. And what better way to kickstart it than Ducktales.

You mean the new ducktales tv show?

Yes, yes i do. Call it a pass the torch moment.

Ok, then.
Here it goes.


This isnt enough evidence for a theory. Adding new tv shows is basically-no, definitely- just increasing the range of entertainment and adding more variety. All this simply means is more shows being released. Nothing fishy. No foxy buisness.


The Proud Family will also be revived.

Cool! I love that show.

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