I think system formerly deputy launch pad should be permanently chat banned for spamming


Ok dude I won’t go to that link cause I know it’s a spam


Wow… he’s still here after 6 months?


Hero, he will get silenced perm and he’s a flipping guy somehow.


As @Wild_Eule said, he cannot be silenced permanently… the “spam” is automated, he’s not just a guy trolling Servers, he’s a literal system that spams.


Yeah but if he keeps it up, he gets perm silence, I am silenced. I don’t like silences @Hero_Dante


Me neither @Brother_tiana_II I do not like being chat silenced


Yeah, I got silenced for spamming heroes 3 times and got reported because it was annoying. What r you silenced for?


Got silenced for spamming. Then reported and silenced. That’s why silences should be removed so that way we can stay in global and I’m almost on permanent


I used the same emoji 3 times in a column


Stop. This is a forum, not chat. Just edit your post.


O ok @The_Eavesdropper


I agree with you I have been anoyed buy him so much I blocked him but he just makesanother account


System is not just one person manning the accounts. He’s literally a system that copy-pastes those links. Just block-and-report whenever you see System.

PerBlue can’t silence System because he just creates a new account, therefore dodging PerBlue’s actions.


Woah… I just saw 2 systems! That do the same link


Cant we be protected from such constant attacks ?