I want a Cat!


I want a cat hero! It doesn’t matter which one lol. Maybe Thomas O’Malley because I’m old and the Aristocats is one I can remember…:smiley_cat:. (and I REALLY want to change my forum avatar from this dumb pig to a cat! Please admins enable that function!)


Unicorn here, I also want a cat


Great, but which one? Are there any Disney cats that can have skill sets and be in a fighting game?


“We are Siamese if you please…” The Siamese cats could be awesomely annoying but they may be too racist for the modern era.

The little black and white cat from Pinocchio is probably not hero quality but the evil cat and the fox from the same movie might be an okay double act like Sulley and Boo.

However, we already have a cat , Scar. Other lions from The Lion King are possible if unlikely.

The black panther from The Jungle Book might work.


Lol Scar’s a horrible dude! Thomas is much nicer, I see lots of hero potential in a dashing rascal of an alley cat.


Chesire Cat. Control


This is Bagheera and yus!!! He must be a character!!!


You have a Big Cat in Scar…


Same thing!Thomas O’malley
:it’s like we’re on a magic carpet
,white:Thomas O’malley:Thomas sings his song,silencing all enemies on the screen.green :claw to the wow!:class all enemies on on screen,dealing stealing 477 energy(fantastic damage)blue :everybody wants to be a cat:Thomas sends the cats through the enemies stunning them,(true damage)purple:heart of the great:Thomas gains 246energy friends:scar ,Moana disk(scar)mittens forever :Thomas O’malley charms enemies.disk(Moana)cat of the sea everybody wants to be a cat heals all allies role:damage or tank. Trial team:red position: middle