I was thinking Kronk needs a refresh

I was thinking Kronk needs a refresh. Number One: We should be allowed to PICK which side we wanna use between Angel or Devil as that messed me up repeatedly during Pacha and Kronk’s friendship (I did it eventually but it was awful)
Also for Pull the Lever they should have it so when he pulls the lever, the enemy loses HP over time like an amount per second.

Reply to this with any other ideas.

he’s very strong as is

this would just be a quality of life change. its not a good reason to refresh kronk


Actually this would make him OP since you would just pick Angel all the time.


Fair enough. But I do want PTL to be fixed

If one is objectively better whats the point of the other?

I thought of that one originally but then you “proved me wrong” as Pacha says in TENG.

A balancing thing. If he could just make everytime the team invincible, he’d be basically another Kermit but better…
Hence why he has 50% chance…

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