I Wish - Asha Likely Hero Concept

Note: Please let me know about any mistakes I made in this concept! I did it on mobile rather than computer this time, so it is harder to create it!

Asha Hero Concept

Description: Asha will use her new magic wand to help her teammates defeat the Creeps in battle!

Role - Support
Position - Mid
Team - Yellow Team
Quote: “I’m maturing. My pauses are changing.”


Entrance - Asha walks onto the battlefield as Star flies around her (leaving a sparkling trail of stardust). When Asha’s in position, Star hands her a stick and taps the tip of it, transforming it into Asha’s magic wand!
Victory - Asha gives Star a “High-One.”
Defeat - Asha’s wand slips out of her hand, causing it to break and transform into a regular stick as the magic fizzles out of the wand.

Basic Skill - Stardust
Asha casts a spell that causes stardust to come out of her wand and hit an enemy.

White Skill - I Wish…
Asha wishes on a star, which gives her invincibility, X healing overtime, and shield for 10.0 seconds.

Green Skill - Oops!
Still new to magic, Asha staggers as a burst of magic accidentally does something random, including:

  • Dealing X damage to the strongest enemy
  • Giving the enemy a debuff
  • Shielding an ally for 3.0 seconds
    :sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Blue Skill - Star’s Gift
Asha casts a spell, causing sparkling stardust to swirl around the weakest ally, shielding (for 15.0 seconds) and healing X HP.

Purple Skill - Beginner’s Luck
Every 3 basic attacks, Asha’s skill power and attack speed increase by X.

Red Skill - Star’s Gift now cleanses allies, heals them by X, and has a 10% chance of stunning the enemy with the most health.
Extra Boosts:

  • +X Max HP
  • +Y Fantastic Damage
  • +Z Hardy


Friendship #1 - Asha/Fairy Godmother
Disk Name: Wishing Wand
Campaign Name: Fairy Godmother in Training
Summary: Fairy Godmother teaches Asha how to use magic and magic wands.
Allies: Genie, Merlin, Mickey Mouse
Stat Boosts: +X Reality, Skill Power
Star Effect: I Wish… boosts Asha and her allies’ Attack Speed and Energy Gain by X and cleanses Asha of debuffs when this disk is fully upgraded.

Friendship #2 - Asha/Stitch
Disk Name: Broken Spell
Campaign: Magical Mishaps
Summary: Stitch interrupts a spell Asha was making, causing it to break and wreak havoc in the City.
Allies: Angel, Elsa, Luz Noceda
Stat Boosts: +X Hardy, Basic Damage, Attack Speed
Star Effect: When this disk is fully upgraded, Oops! has a chance of Charming enemies for 5.0 second or cleansing Allies’ debuffs.


Good concept.

Amazing how you were still able to retain the quality of your usual ones on mobile.

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Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my concept!

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