I would like park-exclusive characters and perks for visiting Disney locations

Hey, all. I was thinking, that although I don’t visit Disneyland parks that much, due to location and kids, I would still LOVE the concept of locations throughout Disney parks where you could unlock exclusive items, perhaps Cinderella’s castle appears on your home screen as part of your town as soon as you enter a park with your phone…? The castle can hold ALL your exclusive items that are found throughout the park when you either de-board certain rides, buy an item, or visit specific areas. Kept forever in your castle. These items might include limited-edition costume threads, characters, or Disney tokens to spend on items in the castle’s market, like maybe light sabers to equip to your heroes for when in battle…?? Knowing full-well I might only get to go back once or twice, I would still like to see this happen a lot. Also, idk the likelihood of this happening, but higher-acheivers or certain contest winners could be awarded park tickets or discounts on merch. I would like to see those types of rewards, even if they are participation and/or purchase based. Thoughts anyone?? Thanks.

As unrealistic as this is, it’s still a pretty cool concept - I know there are other games that have some IRL integration in the way of rewards and/or unlockables.

I don’t think that contest winners are in need of merch discounts or free tickets, though :sweat_smile:

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