I would love to see this in the game someday


I’d like to see characters like Kim possible related characters like Ron stopable but I’d also like to see costumes in the game for characters known to have other uniforms or live action counterparts like Beast from beauty and the beast, and well Kim possible is another example, Mr. Incredibles blue suit, Elasti Girl’s grey and classic costumes and the same with other characters but the costumes should come with new moves, they should make the character that uses them more powerful and make them look cool.

Also teams should get stronger if you follow a certain theme, let’s say I use all the Incredible’s related characters and they will get a boost o something until I remove one of the or replace them with someone else.

These are just some Ideas and I know it would take a while to implement but plz take them into consideration it would really kick this game up a noch.


If they got new skill sets it would be quite hard they could just make new heroes