Ian Lightfoot Reflect not working consistently

I have been using Ian a bit and I notice that his skill doesn’t consistently work. He is level 168, Reflect is 128 (covers players to 168) but people covered by it still get damaged in the opening barrage (first 5 seconds). It works most of the time on him when he is in the back but only about half the time on others when they are behind him (all level 168 or below).

Am I doing something wrong?

:thinking: is Mulan on the enemy team?

Yes, a lot. It seems like she is the OP du Jur.

I think Mulan can disrupt Ian’s cast. :man_shrugging:

Ian doesn’t even use an animation to apply Reflect… so no…

Well then, I’m stumped. :grin:

@Ceric was there Tron (Fl) on the team by any chance?

Nevermind. I can now confirm this bug. I fought Mulan in War and hit Tron who had reflect on. He was still K.O.’d. @Polaris?

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I’ve run this through combat a bunch of times and when the reflect is applied (it does have a chance to fail), the damage is reflected correctly. Tron can still be stunned, but I don’t see him taking damage when he has the reflect status. Can you catch a video or screenshot of this not working?

It doesn’t work properly in arena, it works in coliseum , but mulan rocket hits before the Reflect shield goes up, especially with tron

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Only if the ally (including Ian) is of a higher level than the Reflection Spell skill, correct?

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So in the Arena video, Tron hadn’t finished entering when Ian cast the reflect, so you can see it gets applied to Ian, but since Tron wasn’t in place yet, it wasn’t applied to him. You can see the moment when the reflect icon appears on Ian, Tron is still walking.

In the Coliseum video, the reflect was actually applied to the Evil Queen, and since she was the target for Mulan’s rocket, Tron didn’t take any damage.

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Updated the coliseum video to just tron behind Ian , and you can see reflect goes up on entry , but no reflect goes up on tron in arena as mulan rocket is deemed to have already hit and killed tron before it goes up

Plus that is silly. Tron doesn’t have an entrance like baymax or launchpad, he’s just walking in, so there shouldn’t be a reason he isn’t considered back most when behind Ian.


I found it using Tron but also sometimes Ian is in the back and I watch him just die from Mulans rocket. When it works, I don’t seem to notice him casting anything.

This is still an issue. Now I am experiencing it in campaign mode. In the second round, Alladin comes swooping in and one shots him. He does not have the buff appear when he floats in.

This, coupled with the recent nerf that prevents him from shrinking mama bosses makes Ian much less useful.

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