Ian. your dream team?

With Ian’s reflection, he looks like a good counter against mulan. here are some teams combination in our server

what are your thoughts? who would you put in your team?


Well, I’m just putting together a team of characters I like, currently my planned team consists of Ian, Davy Jones, Baloo, Maximus and Rapunzel. Does that sound good?

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What server? Why are those teams good and good against who? I can only agree that Ian is Mulan counter, rest is just remains hidden from me🤔

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Ian, Goofy, Powerline, Angel, and another silencer

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Ian (Me), Amelia (Ho), Hiro (Da), Hank & Dory (Ra/Po) and Launchpad (Hi)

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I don’t know who else I want on the team, but I know I want Captain Amelia to get Ian’s shrink spell off as often as possible. I don’t even care if it’s the optimal team, I just want to see an opposing team of 5 mini heroes.


Best team I’ve ever seen assembled

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