Ian's Reflection is not working against Zeus Storm, anymore

I noticed yesterday, that Ian Reflection Skill is not working anymore against Zeus (with Hades disk), when Zeus uses his Lightning Storm.

I remember, since my Ian was orange, he instantly kill any Zeus. Now, Ian got stunned and don’t reflect any damage back to Zeus.

And in the skill description, damage reflected can not be dodged, and it works in the first 5 seconds on each wave.

But Zeus green life bar, after the reflection, didn’t decrease a single point.

My Ian is Y7 and loses to Red Zeus.

In the video below, see that the first attack, Lightning Storm, Zeus stuns Ian, but Zeus green life bar didn’t decrease.

Reflection only works at the second Zeus attack, Thunderbolt Trap, when Zeus receive reflected damage.

For me, Ian is with a bug, that Ian’s Reflection Skill is with some delay.

No matter how much strong or weak Zeus is, my Ian always lost.

Are you observing the same problem?

Ian is stronger, he has more defense so he reflects less damage.
Using reflect isn’t a consistent strategy to counter Zeus in general

It’s not a bug

If you saw the published link to youtube, you you saw that Ian didn’t reflect any damage to Zeus, when Zeus used his Storm.

Then, your observation that stronger Ian reflects less damage, don’t make any sense.

And more…
" Reflection Spell

At the beginning of each wave, Ian applies Reflect to the furthest back ally, including himself, for 5 seconds. Heroes with Reflect prevent 100% of damage they would take and instead return that damage back at the enemy who dealt the damage. Reflected damage cannot be dodged.

This has a chance to fail on allies above level…"

In this way, Reflect Spell can fail on allies, BUT NOT ON IAN.

The description says that this skill prevent 100% of damage they would take and instead return that damage back at the enemy who dealt the damage. Reflected damage cannot be dodged.

This way, always my Ian is sparring against any Zeus, with Hades disk, Zeus life bar don’t decrease a single point.

I always defeated Zeus in his first attack, with Lightning Storm.

Yes that’s probably a bug, I’ve had it happen as well that his white skill isn’t reflected.
However in the video his green IS reflected and is far from being enough to defeat Zeus.

This is exactly what I said, Ian has a lot more defensive stats on yellow+7, so the damage he takes from Zeus is less, and so the damage he reflects is less too. It also involves secondary stats, like Ian not having the crit damage Zeus has, but that’s a bit more complicated. So yes just know that’s not bugged, but his white not being reflected at all might be.

Just use a different counter, Ian was never a counter to Zeus to begin with.

Nobody really is.
You can counter his damage but you still get all energy sucked out and permanently stunned - there is no counter for these two.

That video, it looks like a bug. No matter what there should be some damage reflected, but nothing was. @Nugget

In fact the damage that ian gets should be max out to his max hp it’s not normal that he can reflect 25M of damage when he have like 15M of hp (numbers for the exemple and not the real numbers) should be able to do damage to a enemie to maximum their max hp it’s not normal that a ian red 15 can kill a hero with reflet because they can reflet more damage that they can take

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Personally, I see the problem in “Reflect” in it being essentially a better Invincibility.

In SEGA Heroes Reflect effect was called “Counter” and it only dealt a part of the damage back, the rest proceeded. I think that would have been better than having “100% of damage reflected back”.

Or, alternatively, it should depend on enemy level, not Ian’s (or his ally’s) own level.
Hence why the Reflect can kill any high ranked hero even if Ian is at Purple rank.

Reflect is fine as it is.

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