Ice Age Characters in Disney Emoji Blitz!

It seems that Disney is starting to flex its ownership of the Ice Age franchise in the world of video games…Ice Age characters are set to appear in Disney Emoji Blitz this September. As a longtime Ice Age fan, this gives me a spark of hope that some Ice Age characters could potentially make an appearance in DHBM as well, though only time will tell whether Disney decides to let it happen. What are your thoughts on this?


Ice age in DEB?!?! OMG it’s happening! I’m hoping for ice age characters in this game since Ron and Barney from Ron’s gone wrong showed up.

Even PB said about 2 years ago that Fox’s properties aren’t completely impossible as Marvel or SW, but they prefer to focus on Disney only and it would take extra approvals for Ice Age or such, possibly less now, and who knows maybe PB will add Ice Age, Anastasia, and The Simpsons one day. Would be great if so.

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I could imagine at least the original Ice Age trio in DHBM someday…

That’s a funny way of spelling “terrible”…

Terrible is that we still don’t have them, yaaaa…


Well I would try out Manfred or Diego if they were in DHBM…

Muppets is a branch of Disney, same as Blue Sky now, so it shouldn’t be impossible to add them, especially as other disney game got them. :slight_smile:

Would be fun to have a completely new IP from different studio.

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I have unlocked both Sid and scrat in DEB! Hoping for more ice age characters, if possible.

If we are to get any ice age character in dhbm, I really only want sid, I think he could work well as a dhbm hero

How many gems did it cost you?
I went through the event twice to get both and it was a slog. Doc carries though.

I’m in, hoping to have them in other Disney games, I got both Sid and Scrat!

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Nice! I got Sid, but have yet to get ahold of Scrat.

He hasn’t come back around yet.
I hope they aren’t like Sora and Aqua.

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