Ideas for Hero Management

Since we have a lot of heroes currently management of them is getting very complicated (or at least in what I been feeling).

So for help with this situation I want to suggest some features that I think could come handy.

Filter by Collection:

  • For example, as the time I’m writing this, if I want to find Lilo and Stitch characters in the whole heros list that I have it’s hard. Having a special filter to show that “featured” collection of heroes so I can focus in upgrading them could come handy

Favorites heroes:

(Example in other game of the feature)

Have a way to put in the front and upper part of the list doesn’t matter what organization you have the heroes you like and want to focus could be handy too. Like the example above have as an easy access or simply don’t lose the heroes you use this feature leave you to add a special tag for those heroes and remove that tag when you don’t want them anymore.

This are just some ideas that I have by playing other games that I feel they could come handy here too. But if you have other ideas please feel free to share them here too. Or maybe other solutions you can give for other problems you have found with the extensive and continuously growing list of heroes we have.

A hide option would be useful.

There are so many playable characters, we can’t realistically use all of them.

So by enabling hide on the lesser used or unwanted characters would make the list more managable.

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