Identical Power

Plus isnt B tier still not bad?

Yeah, this Disney Heroes Battle Mode Tier List June 2022 tier list which you show despite saying June 2022 is ridiculous misleading, not only it misses a lot of heroes but also puts them in wrong tiers.

I see what you are saying, I’m changing what im using to S tiers, Im gonna use Magica, Ariel, and Meg as S tiers. I’m also using Snow White and Aurora, who are unranked.

Also not S tier, however Ariel and Meg are still good, but Meg needs Shank disk to be truly useful.

Here is… better tier list.

I use Shank’s disk. I have it at 3 stars, also Magica is S Tier with Megavolt’s disk.

is this one also incorrect?


Technically yes, but because game itself already offers a lot of other heroes it’s better to stick with S-tier and high A tier as there are big power jumps between A and B tier.

Yes, I just posted you the correct one above.

where is Alice

Also since Meg, Aurora, and Snow White are high A, I will keep them.

Low C-tier

ohh, so would you say Aurora, Snow, White, and Meg are good?

Yes, Ariel also is fine.

But you would need some damage like Shego or Bolt.

also Mulan is B Tier?

I’ll use Aurora, Snow White, Meg, Ariel, and Shego

Yes, she is, she is outdated.

Sounds good.

yay! ok thank you

Use actual tierlist here in the forums (Musk´s one, while I disagree with some heroes is quite accurate).
The website you use is garbage, stay away from it by any means necessary!

alright, thank you.

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