If all concepts were real

Hey, guys. I was wondering if all of the concepts were “like real”. How would the game be by now, i’m sure it’ll become chaos.

I only want your opinion but i’m sure you’ll say no.

  • You’re Kidding, No
  • Duh, No
  • That will be like chaos
  • Yes, but i’m probably sure it’s zero

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I knew you’ll say no, but if yes , pick a concept that should be in the game if you chose yes or just give the reason. Tq

The game would be insane. I created this concept and made it as crazy as possible.

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Aren’t all heroes balanced by release

Yes, but no.

No, PB is bad at this.

There is Sarah and Gadget which are trash… and then PB adds Zeus and Bolt… no balance.

Well, good, as long as they are Disney, it would mean a lot of our favourite characters are in-game.

Well, this is only discussion, not real “patch notes”, do you realize

I don’t have Sarah yet, so i don know

If this were real, then i’d say Anna should be in the game, but not real

I would like any new characters from encanto

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Nice suggestion, i’ve seen more poeple rushing for luca concepts, that’s what i’ve seen

Plus, this post. You also can talk about unlikely concepts in the game. Cause this topic is called “if” all concepts were real.

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What about pibby

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