If Ralph wasn’t a starter

I’ve decided to refresh Ralph if he wasn’t a starter. I’m sorry if you do not like the way i’ve made the refresh or the refresh in general, this was just for fun :-).


Core Stat Changes:
Hp: 443 - 746
Skill power: 27 - 55
Basic Damage: 20 - 74


White Skill: Wreck It :white_circle:
:fist: Normal
Ralph slams the ground, dealing 630 damage and stunning the 3 closest enemies for 8 seconds.

This applies 3 stacks of “Smash” to enemies. Per stack of “Smash” an enemy has makes them take 112 more damage by Ralph’s basic attacks and all of his skills. Smash stacks cap out at 12.

Smash stacks have a chance to fail to apply on enemies above level 1

Green Skill: Shouting Match :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic

Ralph yells at enemies, dealing 180 damage to all enemies and silencing them for 7 seconds and applies 2 stacks of “Smash” to all enemies.

If enemies have a current silence while Ralph performs this skill their silence is increased by 4 seconds.

Silence increase has a chance to fail on enemies above level 1

Blue Skill: Grand Slam :large_blue_circle:
:fist: Normal

Ralph slams his fist down on the two closest enemies, dealing 1055 damage and stunning them for 11 seconds. This also applies 4 stacks of “Smash” to hit enemies.

Purple Skill: Big Duty :purple_circle:
When Ralph falls below 35% hp he heals 2323 hp over 10 seconds and is energized for 12 seconds and gains a permanent 20% attack speed increase.

Ralph gains 80 energy per basic attack while energized
Energize and Attack speed increase have a chance to fail against enemies above level 41

Red Skill: Heavy Handed :red_circle:

When Ralph uses “Wreck it”, Ralph is cleansed of all debuffs and gains 2 stacks of hardy.

When Ralph uses “Big Duty” his basic attacks apply 1 stack of “Smash” to enemies for the next 5 seconds.

“Big Duty” can now be activated 3 more times more per wave, but each time the healing is reduced by 15%.

Hardy stacks cap out at 6.

The cleanse has a chance to fail against enemies above level 121

+48894 Max Hp
+14640 Armor
+26423 Hp healed by “Big Duty”


Piece Of Cake

Ralph and Vanellope

Max smash stacks stuns and damages

Disk Power
When an enemy first reaches max “Smash” stacks they take 638 damage and are stunned for 5 seconds.
Per Second an enemy is stunned Ralph heals 475 hp

+5% stun length
(+5 each star)

Allies: The same allies in the original friendship

Hero’s Duty

Ralph and Calhoun

Ralph deals bonus damage

Disk Power
+643 Armor
+2997 Max hp
Ralph deals an additional 1619 bonus normal damage with each skill.

Shouting match deals 326 DoT for 2 seconds.
(+1 second each star)

Allies: Same allies as the original friendship but remove Jack for Calhoun

I would also like to pint of that i’ve been writing friendships wrong through out all if my concepts but I believe with this refresh for Ralph I have written them correctly.


You used Calhoun instead of Jack Sparrow…

Yes… i’m allowed too?

Is supposed to be Ralph and Jack sparrow

Next refresh elastichirl to not be a starter too and refresh frozone to not get unlocked easily frkm diamond crates

I know it’s supposed to be but I just wanted to change it : )

Oh okay then

@Pocoplease Ralph will be more OP if he wasn’t a starter

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