If you can read it

Good evening first of all because you locked the topic I mentioned with server 21 I would like you to read it and answer me the title of the topic is server 21 problem END waiting for an answer :neutral_face:

as Loutre said, it’s because your server merged with server 22. There are more players so yes, rankings will have changed.


Also, side note from the topic. This shouldn’t go here. It should be in feedback.

And agreed, it is because of server merges. When two servers combine, the best of both are now in one server trying to compete for the top. This is why. That should be able to answer it.

That is it is fair for a player who has worked hard to get to a good position and now go down to do something and i know it’s because the servers were connected end

I’m sorry, there’s nothing we the community can do about it. The server’s merge because there’s just too much to handle. If it’s all in one place, it may still be possible.

Also, don’t say anything else after this comment.

Feel a little sorry for the palyers that is, as if you were telling me that i was playing in order to have a better position, that is it was not worth playing something

It just means other people worked harder than you. You’re not a victim to anything. I get how it can be demoralizing to continue, but you should see it as a new challenge to strive for even better results. I myself fell down quite a bit in the rankings.


It was locked, because that’s the natural consequence for merging another server. Yes, you worked hard and merging doesn’t take away from that.

Treat it like this: You are in 3rd grade and you are top 2 in your class in math. But there are two 3rd grade classes and if you take both classes into account, you’d be too 4 in the grade.

Small pond. Bigger pond. Same progress.

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