I'm leaving the forums...... maybe for good

Dear Forum Users, it is me. I’ve been receiving many negative comments about my guides. And my exams are around the corner. I decided to leave the forums to focus on my exams. After the exams, I may be leaving the forums for good because I am pissed off at the fact that there are critics saying my guides are not useful. ( You post way to much and nothing that hasn’t already been said … it seems you haven’t played that long and truly have no clue on which toons are trash … please quit spamming the forums with your redundant posts about the obvious. What one of them said to me) To all those critics, if you mean truly, I can understand. But when there are comments that hurts people, I do not like it. I’ll have you know that I have a ton of stress. And it’s indescribable. But to those who helped me, thank you for your hard work and help. I appreciate it.
To everyone, this may be my last goodbye. If you think my guides are bad, go read other guides and NEVER post bad comments on my channel unless you mean it.

But please understand. I am still learning the game features and info from you guys. I’m also hoping you can learn from me. And change takes time. So please help me if you mean it.

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Criticism Improve A human
People take critcism to get improved
This world is big ,If you ll se positive comments then dont forget U ll get some critcisms and Those will only Improve you.
Your Jafar Guide was Good! Liked It!
If U r really Leaving the forums. Good Bye


Thanks for your support @AbuBakr_Umar. I appreciate your comments and help.

My Only Advice : Take Criticisms , Truth would be HARSH, You need to Accept IT!

Well you chose to get upset after asking for feedback.

:grimacing: That was me wasn’t it?

You’re not wrong. I’ve got other work to focus on, not I was upset. Maybe I was… a bit.

And this wasn’t u. Someone else

I’m sad about the fact you’re leaving but I think it’s your decision. And I respect this. I think your guides are good but unfortunately some people think only the ones by Aurora_Veil count… Critism is a part of doing creative projects and this may be a bit harsh but the people just say what they think. Maybe you took it way too seriously…
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:

You’re also not wrong. I told you. I have stress. And the behind story? I kept it to myself. Maybe that’s why. I’m lonely in school

I know. In the situation you are I think it will be better to concentrate on your exams, take a break from here and then think of it again.

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See After exam you should may comeback and improve. Everyone has a differnt nature. And everyone in this world have diff. characteristics.Not everyone is going to talk you softly.But you need to tolerate these harsh words and criticism And May one day your guides become extraordinary Than Aurora too. May in the near future, everyone talk and link your guides like people do of Aurora.It may happen no one knows the future.Just believe in almighty and continue your hard work and one day
You will surely shine


Thanks for the support!


BTW, I was just kidding! But I looked at your messages and it showed how caring you guys were to me.

I was wondering if I should. But I have a flexible resilience. So I chose to stay. And you’re right, I have to take criticism to improve

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I’m Just gonna be off for some time to revise, and consolidate the improvements

I can say that constructive feedback and constructive criticism is good and something to expect and are a part of people wanting to help improve your work :-), however unnecessary negative feedback and criticism without actual feedback isn’t good and can hurt as fair amount yeah.

If I have 1 tip it would be to first before actually posting would be to post your post as a beta version and ask for feedback for how to improve it before posting it as an complete finished post/guide, that way people can help you get the post/guide better and as such likely be of higher quality :-).

I have sometimes asked for friends I know on Discord in DM/PM to see through a beta version of my post and that way improve it before actually posting it :-).
You might of course already be asking people to beta read for all what I know, but if not then I really recommend it.

And yeah, wish you the best of luck and hope you will have a good time here on the forum again ^^.


Yeah. I did. I made friends.

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