I'm looking for a Guild

Recently, I got back into playing DHBM regularly. I’ve been behind campaign/rank wise, but I’ve been on regularly enough in the past years that my account level is all caught up. I’m terribly behind in Arena and Coliseum, but I’m playing regularly enough again that my casual guild is holding me back. No one else is during Surge. I’m one of 4 members logging on every day. Guild war isn’t going that well.
There was a time when I played daily (July 1st, 2018 - November 1st, 2019), but some decisions made with the game kept making it less enjoyable so I played less and less. But I’ve been having fun lately. I don’t know if I’ll be playing daily, but far more regularly than before. So I’m looking for a Guild that will accept me. I’m a Server 3 at heart, but we’re all Server 1 now.

This is my current total power:

This is my War line up:

This is my most recent Surge Score:

This is my most recent Invasion Record:

This is my most current Cosmetic Bonus Level:

I’m currently on Chapter 44 of the Campaign. The only Heroes I don’t have are Audrey Ramirez, Cinderella, and Luca and Alberto.

All these stats are subject to improve. My current guild has all Perks. Would love to keep that.


Welcome back to the game and good luck finding a guild!

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Welcome back, Have fun :blush:

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hey! we are a server 14 guild which is obviously merging into 1 soon, we are currently placed 31st on our respective server, the guild name is wilde fire and I’m sure you would be more than welcome!

i can get you more details if you’d like!

Whoever is an active player and open for some fun with the guild members is welcome to join Pixar.
WE are international, relaxed and familar.

Our thinking is ENJOY the game, NOT must be the best"…

Any questions welcome.

I think Sanctuary (current guild where I am) would have a spot for you if you are interested.

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Welcome back to the game. My guild Snow White would love to have you. We are a family and growing together

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