I'm pretty sure Hercules purple skill is incorrect?

So my Hercules is currently set up to gain 14mil max HP every time he uses his active skill, however against the mega virus after using his skill 9 times he was 1shot for 40mil, which I’m pretty sure is less than 9*13mil. Anyone test this? Typo?

Could the virus have removed the HP buffs?


I don’t believe so, I use him in a Kermit set so it wouldn’t make sense to only lose the HP buff, especially while he’s invincible. I just retested and had him use his skill 18 times, he was still 1shot for 40mil which is his default max hp

But maybe, Megavirus removes buffs.

It could be first buff removed by it.


Hmm maybe, I’m trying to tell on other fight modes but it’s a bit difficult to get a good reading since he heals himself his entire health each time, so unless you can use his skill dozens of times it’s hard to see his max hp

The Max HP should indeed be a buff.

And Megavirus removes them quite quickly. Hence why the meta team has a kind of buff spam to prevent invincibility from being taken.

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