I'm so sorry for the latest post

I’m sorry for the post that I write just now.Just playing Disney Heroes For 2 Month and such a really fun and relax game.I should not post the agressive and write a bad word to release my pain and I should think before I write the post.I’m so sorry guys for being agressive in that post and I promise,I will not do that again and never post about bad things and many bad words that I just write it just know.I realized that’s my bad tho.I hope you guys can accept my appology for my big mistake.I will never again post in this forum because of my behavior.Peace out

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This is part of the game unfortunately.
One option is to just leave him, and in a week or so he would be promoted to Challenger and you dont need to worry again :slight_smile:


Notice his hero level (121) :)))
If other heroes have low level. Maybe he did it on purpose.
I think he’s stronger than you. He’s just hiding this

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You are lucky. When most of us tried to get out of plat 1 there was more competition and it would take weeks to work your way out. Then there was only 100 in challenger, so you could go from first back to plat 1 in a few hours.

It might take you a week or so to make it in to challenger, which is great but then you will get 35 million arena teams to fight. You will get out of the frying pan but straight in to the fire.


Thanks for the tips tho :slight_smile:

I always saw people doing this as a nice thing. This allows everyone to get time down and thus they get closer to the next rank.


Entitled little human. He is not cheating and he is playing by the book. No one owes you nothing. If you can’t defeat him get better if you can’t don’t come here expecting pity.


This. 100%.

And also, I don’t think this situation can be described as “toxic” either. That person is not being toxic.


I agree, but that was needlessly aggressive.


I don’t think it’s that serious. You’re still welcome here.


Yes, but it’s fine to maybe reflect on something. U can still come back cause everyone is still welcome here.

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