ImpassWall on Bagherra/Baloo Friendship

This is the most illogical battle I have ever seen, put an enemy immune to normal damage in the very first battle with heroes that only deal normal damage. :rage: :no_entry_sign:

Yes, I know Bagheera’s Red Skill:


Where can I find 125 Red Skill chips for him? :woman_shrugging:

A character should be able to engage their campaign immediately, not be held up like this.


Prize wall gives skill chips.
Otherwise you can just do a city watch like with everyone else


Didn’t get any skill chips from the prize wall today.
Or any relevant ones from the Red Skill crates I had saved up.

They really enabled Bagheera’s skill chips in the elite city watch?
I would have thought they would be exclusive to the prize wall.
In any case, I used my reset today for hard mode, so that will have to wait for tomorrow.

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You’ll only get skill chips in prize wall at level 20 or 30 otherwise just raid epic in city watch to get the skill chips


Red skill crates are set when you get them like badge crates. You could only get Bagheeras chips from new crates.

It got worse:

Bagherra is almost constantly stunned, then obliterated.

Second wave is particularly annoying, with an enemy who has to be defeated three times because of an invincibility buff and a revive power.
Even using my white skill constantly, there’s something like 16seconds remaining before wave 3 activates.

This is why I revile doing Friendship Campaigns now, they used to be fun, now they’re just intensely frustrating.
Why make the first round so hard? :rage: :no_entry_sign:

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1 tip for Bagheera friend campaign is that you only use his white after he uses his blue skill. And use Blue skill mods on him too. That way, he can K.O enemies much easier

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