IMPORTANT - Urgent Need of Server Merge


It’s highly unlikely it would be difficult to merge 2 servers. For the most part a “server” is just going to be a database.

Most of the heavy lifting for the game is done on your device to keep costs down so there isn’t really a lot of need for true “servers”.

There are plenty of reasons they would not want to merge servers, but an inability to do so is doubtfully one of them.


But that means there is still a possibility for it to happen. If there is then why not… Many other games did server merges. Even PerBlue own games did merges recently.


Portalquest is by per blue and is ranked 9 on the grossing list and they merged servers v v recently. However one of the issues with ds was the coding by per blue making server merging v v difficult. So it does sadly depend.


They have another game called portal quest and had no problems merging servers. Too many people are quitting this game. So even though it shows 15,000 people on a server, many of those are inactive. No one is applying to guilds anymore. We need a merge.


It’s only a flood of everyone is still active. So many people have quit its not even funny. The new servers might not need merges, but older servers do. That’s where all the people are from who are quitting. What once used to be a “flood” is now an under nourished river during a hefty drought. It’s like california when it hasn’t rained sufficiently in several months.


Absolutely. Maybe the developer should think to balance game play and consider to fix a. the atrocious drop rate, b. matchmaking in war, c. pace of level caps in middle game, d. quality of life changes (raids in arena, coli), e. reverse economy changes from 1.7, f. remove bugging pop-ups, g. offer better deals for dolphins and players who spend only occasionally (because the deals are overpriced).
I could imagine this might bring some players back in the game.
As a DS player who started playing this game (DH) last year I can tell you that the people who understands the mechanics (which are basically similar to DS) would never contemplate to open an account on older servers since the effort to catch up is gigantic or you need to spend an unhealthy amount of money. So this new population won’t save the desert what old servers has become.


PB already know that people will quit if they proceed in update 1.7… this is already predicted…
Then the update gives constant crashing, but they might found the solution in next update… so it is not a guarantee that it will be fix so another group of people will quit if it will not be fix bec of that poor performance of the dev… no gamer wants a constant crashing of game…

A lot of people already protest in this forum but they dont care… so i think… we should go on the flow with what the PB wants,… let them get what they want… give them what they want… just play for fun :slight_smile:


Well, if you put it that way, I guess a Server Merge isn’t that bad.


With the adding of the new update there are already many in my guild and other top 10 that already decided they will quit or stop playing after this new update. That’s not good at all. These players are all in the top 10 and some of the most powerful in the server. PerBlue needs to something big I hope so we can avoid to lose these people.