IMPORTANT - Urgent Need of Server Merge


So basically I am from server 12 and things aren’t looking that good there. Guilds are very unbalanced and lots of players are quitting every day. I am from the top 1 guild there so I shouldn’t be complaining but it’s actually unfair against the other guilds. But this situation is not only in our server.

Almost every other server have the same problem. I think the best way to save this situation is to make a Server Merge with servers which have the same level cap and promotion cap. This would not only be good for guilds but it will actually save the game in general. It will add more competition for top guilds in the servers and the players can actually finally access other guilds apart from the usual top 5 which has been there the whole game…

This has to happen at some point and I believe it’s the right time now. Server 12 for example could merge with server 11 and the other servers with the same lvl cap. I hope you guys take this proposition in consideration as I’m not the only one who agrees with this, I am sure.


Dont see how adding more whales will see an improvement maybe the top players could move to a different server


There’s no money in them merging servers. They’d rather you have multiple accounts across multiple servers. Better chance you’ll spend money.


Well at least there can be more variety. Plus the many different guilds which would come across against each other would be pretty cool. Not the usual guilds all the time


The Servers are there for a reason. Servers are the floodgates, and us players are the water. The Servers are there to keep the number of players from “overflowing”. Asking for a Server Merge is like asking for a flood.


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I think a server merge might not be too bad at this point, like since it seems like the server I am in at least have about 6000 active players.

I think it is best to have the merges be with servers that have the same level cap and the same regional parameters. If I remember right for example I think Server 5 and Server 6 has the same region parameters and could work well with a merge :-).

I don’t know what is best or right to do, but I am a bit worried for Disney Heroes, though I hope things will get better eventually.


Then if the server merge is not appropriate, I would suggest something else which can increase the longevity of the game. To involve other servers against each other like a server Vs server. Like a guild war against guilds from other servers. But I still do believe even a merge between two servers will serve good. Two servers with the same lvl cap and promotion cap and similar regional servers can be matched good.


Server Vs Server would be immense. As long as caps are aligned of course.

However some server have the same caps but different heroes. It would need levelling out over the next 6 months at least to make an even playing field.


Perblue did that and many did not accept it. Called update 1.7, claiming the economy change will maintain the game for a long run.
It’s debatable whether is true or not.


Has to be some sort of server merge and there was no way all servers would remain active. Feel sorry for the people who spent money in an inactive server.

People all flock to server 1 anyway as they get all the new things first. There is no cap on the number of people in a server


Actually, the newer, the better. The lower the cap, the better.


Im in total agreement, im on server 5 and its like a ghost town, so many have left the server because of frequent updates and greed from pb. We need to merge or this game will be a thing of the past.

Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes

@Polaris please read this and take it into consideration.


Server mergers have been bought up before and I believe Polaris said it wasn’t likely.

From experience, some games similar to this one don’t actually have an easy way to merge severs. People suggest “oh merge servers” like it is always some easy feat. In some cases, depending on how the architecture of the servers were initially set up, there could be no way to merge them short of copying everyone’s data from two servers into a brand new one and have people somehow log in there. Not sure how that would work.


Good point.

I don’t know if it is possible to merge servers or move 2 servers to a new server, but at this point server merges wouldn’t be bad I think.

Hope at least the older servers get it a bit better soon even if no merge :-).


If merges aren’t possible to happen then there has to be come sort of server Vs server mode. Because the game at the moment is getting boring for a lot of players.


The influx of DragonSoul players should help liven a lot of the servers - S16 is teeming with us - we may be new to DH - but we understand the mechanics and the structure, so we will settle in fast - plus we are bringing a lot of fresh guilds into the game - DragonSoul closes at the beginning of May - so you can expect more of us soon


I know you are serious but clearly you can see that a server with once 20k+ active players sitting at 3k active (Server 7) can take on a lot more load before any concerns about “flooding”.

And Servers are NOT created to stop a “flood”, they are created to keep the game active to new players.

It is a case of economics, I’m pretty sure merging similar servers (same cap) will at some point soon be the better economic choice for PB and we will benefit from it.


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