Improving Badge Bazaar and Contest Rewards

I had thought the reasoning behind the badge bazaar’s introduction was an alternative to giving players unneeded badges as (contest) rewards?

However we continue to see progress and rank rewards include a meager amount of BB points along with many of the same badges that have been rewards in previous contests, or in badge buster sales, or available as Trials rewards.

The badge bazaar refreshes each day with different offerings, most of which are complex badges ranging in value, the lowest I see on Server 10 sells for 1900.

I have two ideas regarding this that would help many players:

  1. Why not create two tiers for badge bazaar. Keep half of the offerings as complex badges that cost a lot of points, and create a second tier that offers simple badges that are frequently needed for ?

The second tier could include: Love Bug, Badge of Motivation, Giant Peach, Extract of Llama, Beautiful Lamp, Wicked Beats, etc. These are the type of badges that are frequently needed but also feel as a waste of stamina to gather. They could be sold for hundreds (instead of thousands) of points, which would make the bazaar more useful especially if there was are contests which give points for spending in the BB.

  1. Once more commonly needed crafting badged are available in the Bazaar, they should no longer be given as contest rewards. Instead contests should offer more Bazaar points, and more shop resets.

This would make contest rewards feel valuable to both new players and veterans. Thank you!


Here are the the current contest rewards on my server, along with my current inventory of the same badges.