Improving Fortify The Network Contests

Fortify The Network contests. You hate them, I hate them, everyone who doesn’t pay $500 a day on this game hates them. But I think I’ve come up with a solution to make them somewhat more bearable for us freebie players. Have all forms of energy; campaign, friend, and invasion, contribute to the point total. It’s a small change, but I think it would go a long way in alleviating their difficulty.


With all due respect, this won’t chamge anything. How much friend and invasion stamina do you use a day? Not much I would suspect, compared to ‘normal’ stamina.

The only thing that could fix it is to not make the scoring for diamonds more and more difficult each time (and to keep that diamonds scoring equal between servers)


I mean, it would be ONE idea to make them more bearable.

Just stop decreasing points given… That’s really all you need…

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But to @Lucas1999 point, this stamina you don’t really get a lot of… So it wouldn’t make a big difference…

PB can just make the friend/invasion stamina worth more
For example, approx. 10 points per stamina spent (you spend 6 at a time anyway, if you win the fight) and 20 points for the first X spent wouldent be a bad idea


Depending on how much it would be worth more it could help a little. But I stand with my point that more changes are needed for a real impact.

i agree, if they keep decreasing the points every FTN and requires us to spend more diamonds and more stamina.

while the rate of stamina regeneration, and the amount of free stamina and buying stamina increase slightly every level cap increases, the amound of diamonds we get from arena, coliseum, daily check-in, and video never increase at all which makes the contest more difficult

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