In need of an active guild [server 18]


I am at level 42 atm and currently really enjoying the game, but i am quite frustrated at how inactive my current guild is.


Can’t help you I’m afraid, I’m on a different server. But if it’s that bad, use the new advance search for guilds to find one that you think might suit you and join them. Or send a private message to the leader or a champion and tell them why you want a new guild. Hopefully you will find a new home that is as active as you want it to be.
Best of luck.


I have accounts on servers 1 (main), 4 (meh) and 16 (new), inactive guilds are a problem across every server. While the search for guild option might work (never really tried it, I love making my own guilds)… I’d recommend you to ask for an active guild on global, level 42 isn’t bad, you won’t have much difficulty in finding a guild to your liking.
If not, you can make your own guild, based on your rules. I mean sure it takes time and effort to get members but it’ll be a great experience


I don’t have an account on your server so I can’t help with that part. My accounts though are server 1, 12, 14 (main), and 16. All I can say though is that you can make your own guild, but it takes a little while for people to join usually, or join another guild that seems to be fairly active. There is a guild recruiting page on forums if you’ve not gone through it.


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