In your opinion, the 4 best and worst heroes for each category

so basically what im asking is who are the 4 superior heroes for each rank and 4 horrid ones.

i’ll just post my opinions, and u can do yours


support: Meg, Ariel, Kermit, Chip & Dale

control: Aurora, Snow, Mary Sanderson, Dr. Drakken

damage: Mother Gothel, Shego, Zeus, Darkwing Duck

tank: Pacha, Shank, Phillip, Carl


support: Launchpad, Woody, Yax, Rafiki

control: Sarah Sanderson, Jasmine, Finnick, Basil of Baker Street

damage: Jack Skellington, Scrooge McDuck, Ducky & Bunny, Tigger

tank: Goliath, Maui, Ralph, Gonzo

Comment yours!

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