Increase base level skill upgrade points to 30 (29+1)

This is something I find impractical:

I upgrade 2 skills at 10 points each, then have to wait 2 minutes for 1 point to autogenerate to upgrade the third one.

I think increasing the point total to 30 would be more efficient, so upgrading 3 skills at a time instantly would be possible.


I thought the cap was increased via guild perks and VIP level

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Some of that is based on perks and Vip lvl. Some have 39, saw a few with 49 point banks

Just buy more skill point consumables

What I was proposing/requesting is that the base level be increased by +1, whatever increases are acquired, it’s not a round number for some reason.

I don’t believe in pay2advance, so don’t buy basic services.

I guess they made it like that for a reason (to annoy players most likely)

I meant the deals where you get 100 skill point consumables for 1000 diamonds not the ones you buy with actual money


Are not diamonds paid for with actual money?

I get some for free, but not enough to cover that expense on a regular basis.

Well, yeah youcan get more with money

In challengers, you get like 300 - 400 daily, just hoard for some time and that´s it

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It would be nice if it was an even 5 for cap hits

1000 diamonds may not be a lot but would be better served on bonus stamina buys and other items that have value to grow toons. Skill point consumables have no real value just a little time savings.


I agree with The Dude, they’re not really worth it. And if you can buy 10 points at a time for 10 diamonds, you’re being overcharged by 100x the original price. :man_shrugging:

Skill points as a whole are pointless and add nothing to the game. PB has complained before about players hoarding gold, putting a limit on how much skills can be leveled at once (the main gold drain) certainly doesn’t help that. And there’s definitely no reason for them to exist from a game design perspective.

I’m 99% sure they’re just there to extort diamonds by using an artificial limit.

@The_Dude_LXXVI Stamina is the primary resource that holds me back from properly levelling my characters, at 17 characters to R0 240, it’s quite a fair bit.

Gold is the other resource holding me back, their skills get more expensive to upgrade the higher they go.
Which is why I am a technical gold hoarder, because I am very much aware of how much is required to be spent.

What keeps me from levelling the characters to cap is:

  • too many XP drinks needed to enhance Battle Badges (repeatedly) - if it was a one-time thing only that stayed, it would be better
  • 10+ Ultra XP drinks per level needed at the S1 cap now

That´s like all. I agree the Skill Points should go up quite a bit… having 19 (or 29, 39, 49) for eternity is just not good, but eh.

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