Infection! 😂

Im STILL have Infected chapter level! It was fun trying to beat thoose levels! 🥹
What happend to it? :thinking:

PerBlue removed that feature a long time ago. I forget why.

Ok, thank you for your answer. Now im 100% sure i leave them be! :grinning: Its unique!

Iirc some people couldn’t beat them and their entire campaigns ended up being blocked, so they couldn’t farm badges anymore.

Now I have no idea how one would struggle with a campaign level but if it did happen it was pretty gamebreaking…


Well the heroes weren’t THAT busted back then and also the campaigns had enemies several levels and skill levels higher iirc.

Wouldn’t be a problem now, but was back then. I am fairly certain it was removed at early Red ranks or even sooner.

EDIT: Not sure how much disk power for TL 330 would they give now, but I assume low.


I still remember what they were like back when they were still in the game. Whenever a level became infected, the enemies would get very heavily buffed - they’d all have six stars and be many levels higher than they were in the regular version of the stage. I think they were also set at Orange or Red rank. If the infected levels being too gamebreaking was the reason they got removed, I’d believe it because stuff like that would be impossible to clear for new players who didn’t get very far in the game yet.

Well back then most of the resources were much scarcer - gold was almost non-existant, hero chips weren’t given that much widely at all… the game itself was in a much more primordial state.

Oh yeah right

I remembered someone reported having level 300+ enemies. Back then.

I have no idea because this item existed, and it was sold very cheaply…

This and Virus consumables are working perfectly fine, so if it was up to pb they could sell them again, or make infected levels appearing again, but it’s rather pb not wanting players getting disk power.

Each time player lose a battle enemy’s level go down a one, and every 5 a rank down. So it was never a permanent blockage.

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To be more precise, in September 2020 with the big Friendship overhaul, so that would’ve been around R13 or R14, team level 200 or so.

I can remember frequent complaints in the forum about infected areas being impossible to clear and not going down in level/rank with repeated losses; while I suspect they were going down and the players just weren’t noticing it, there was at least one thread that made me think at least some players might have run into some sort of bug with that mechanism. Personally I didn’t have any real problems with infected areas and would have preferred some mild tweaks to the system, but I can’t say I’m upset they’ve been removed either.

Well, 300 diamonds for 200 anti-viruses was certainly reasonable (or, sometimes, 450 diamonds for 300 AV), they just weren’t offered very frequently in my experience. So, yeah, I could see players having a problem with not bothering to get any because they never had problems with infected areas, until one day the new infections are 20 or 25 levels over their max heroes, and whoops they don’t have any Anti-Viruses.

It seems clear that many, if not most, players weren’t aware of that (was there even any help text in the game stating that this happened?); even so, it could sometimes be frustrating to have to spend the time and stamina to lower an infected zone enough to clear it, just to be able to farm a badge bit or advance to the next chapter.

I wouldn’t mind PerBlue bringing them back, particularly if they make a couple of small changes (e.g., having enemies fall 5 levels and a rank wth each lost, offering a permanent package of 10 AVs for 20 diamonds in the market); however, it does seem rather unlikely to happen.

It appeared about as often as current skill points consumables, once per week or more.
And single purchase was more than enough for a month, or more.

Would be good, it had its own medals and challenges and was a fairly good source of disk power.
Back then it was the best way to test heroes in tough battles.

@Nugget @Loutre possible to make infected levels come back, or at least sell again Viruses and Anti-Viruses?

Yepp! I still have thoose too! :joy: Its funnier than i tought! Im not the one who have it ! :ok_hand::handshake::+1::pray:

Uhm well there antivirus and virus items would make for a good disk power bundle. @Loutre could we possibly get that if there is ever a bundle refresh as a part of QoL update?

50k disk power is really not worth 4,000 diamonds since like ever.


Im using Diamond for only stamina purchase, with stamina cost reset. Black market is only for fools!
Its a big joke!

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It wouldn’t be if the gold payment was for badges and certain (or all) disk bits/red skills.

Diamond prices have long outlived their usefulness, sadly.

Heh and even stamina cost refreshes aren’t a good way to use Diamonds anymore. Nor are Trial and Port resets…

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