Information on Heist

Heist: Guard gems while investigating white areas to discover where the thief’s hideout is. Easy: Beat 5 thieves or beat the hideout to win. On later difficulties, you have to find the hideout. Tips: If your attacking a third or clearning an ambush, be mindful of who you call. You don’t want to call someone guarding a gem, a thief can steal it at any time. You also have 60 seconds to respond to a thief’s attack and unlimited time to respond to a hideout attack.

White Circle: Within this circle somewhere lies the hideout. The more you investigate, the smaller the circle gets.

Black Circle: This means the thief is somewhere inside there, make sure to send heroes because the thief could attack at any time.

Why you write about this? This is something all players alredy know!? :sleeping:

I keep getting messages in chats about players not knowing anything about heist and messing it up, I’m trying to prevent that.

You should also say to guard the gems in Hard or VH heist.

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