Insomnia Sandman (Orginal Character)

Insomnia Sandman

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Role: Control

Position: Rear

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :zzz: :zzz:

"I like to think that dreams are a window into the mind. (Yawns) And the only way to peer into those windows is to…get…some…sleep… zzzzz

The narcoleptic daughter of the Sandman uses her magic pillow to distribute debuffs that would make any enemy weary… if she can stay awake herself.

Entrance: Issy rides on top of a cloud as it floats to her position and she yawns as she beings out her pillow.

Victory: Issy pulls down her sleep mask and falls asleep.

Defeat: Issy’s cloud dispurses and Issy drops to the grounds.

Basic Attack: Issy throws her slumber sand at enemies.

White Skill: Sweet Dreams:

Passive: Each time Issy’s basic attack is used, a stack of fatigue is added to an enemy. She gets more tired and gains a stack of fatigue as well. However, Issy gains Z tenacity for each stack of fatigue she has.

Active: Issy falls fast asleep which takes away 2 stacks of fatigue. Enemies with any fatigue also falls asleep, stunning them for 5 seconds. 1 seconds is added for each additional stack of fatigue any enemy might have.

The stun is less effective towards enemies less than level Y

Green Skill: Yawns are Contagious: Issy let’s out a yawn which reduces enemy attack and movement speed 50% for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Snore Loser (Fantastic Damage :fireworks:): Issy nods off and let’s out a loud snore which deals out X and silencing enemies for 6 seconds.

The silence is less effective against enemies less than level Y

Purple Skill: Deep Sleep: When Sweet Dreams is activated, Issy will receive a shield that protects her from X damage

Red Skill: Getting Sleepy: With each stack of fatigue, the enemy loses 10% of their move speed.

This is less effective towards enemies less than level Y

Z Max HP
Z HP regan
X damage for Snore Loser

Misty Shadows and Whisper

Campaign: Dream Team: Misty and Issy are getting exhausted of facing wave after wave of creeps. And they start to see the weariness in the other heroes. Just like them, they have been beating creeps non-stop without rest. Issy and Misty, being spirits of sleep as well as dreams, take it upon themselves the task to bring sweet repose to the sleep-deprived heroes during a lull in battle.

Disk: Power Nap

Star Power: Sweet Dreams heals Issy giving her Z HP for 8 seconds

Level Power: Z Energy Recovery

Sully and Boo


Campaign: Once Upon a Nightmare: Something strange is afoot. Quite recently, the nightmares of children have been starting to come to life, terrifying them. As the spirit of dreams, Issy will not stand for this kind of malice. She visits Sully, who is in charge of the city’s power company and is friends with a child. He explains that the screams that these living nightmares are collecting is unsustainable energy. Which, in turn, is making the power company suffer. Issy and Sully decided to work together and get to the bottom of this.

Disk: Dreamcatcher

Star Power: Basic attack takes one buff from an enemy and gives it to the weakest ally adding Z seconds to the buff’s duration.

Level Power: Y tenacity for support allies

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