Interpol Officer

It has been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted a concept. I’ve been busy with stuff I won’t reveal yet. I’ve made an unlikely concept. She is chinese, overpowered in a way, and an interpol officer. She’s… drumroll please… CHUN LI! This concept of her is mainly based on Street Fighters II Turbo, so please don’t complain about moves she’s done in other games. I’m not aware of them. I have used Chun Li in the game (SS2T) before.

Chun Li

“I am the strongest woman in the world!”

Chun Li is a front-line damage hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Chun Li walks into the battlefield

Victory: Chun Li raises her hands in the air and jumps in excitement

K.O.: Chun Li crosses her arms and looks down, furious

Basic Attack: Chun Li slaps an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Lightning Kick
:fist: Normal Damage
Chun Li stays in place and kicks around rapidly, blocking any projectiles against her until she runs out of energy. If an enemy runs into Chun Li while she is performing “Lightning Kick”, Chun Li deals X damage to them every time she kicks them

Chun Li is immune to attack speed buffs and slows while “Lightning Kick” is active

Green Skill: Power Kick
Chun Li gains X skill power for every stack of 50 energy that she has

Blue Skill: Stomp Kick
:fist: Normal Damage
Chun Li jumps up and stomps on an enemy, dealing X damage, stunning them for 6 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Purple Skill: Rapid Kicking
Chun Li gains 8% attack speed for the rest of the wave whenever she performs a basic attack or “Stomp Kick”

Chun Li also gains Z Basic Damage whenever she performs a basic attack

Red Skill: Kicking Power
Chun Li gains Z Basic Damage whenever she performs a basic attack

Chun Li grants her allies 35% Attack Speed whenever she hits an enemy while performing “Lightning Kick”

This may fail against allies above level Z

Additional Stats:
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Armor
+Z damage to Tank role enemies with “Stomp Kick”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Chun Li - Calhoun
Street Fight
Healing Kicks
Allies: Violet, Kevin Flynn, Miguel

  • +X Basic Damage
  • Chun Li’s basic attacks heal all allies for 5% of the damage it does every time it is performed

Chun Li - Miss Piggy
Case Closed
Immunity Against Debuffs
Allies: Gaston, Animal, EVE

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Armor
  • Chun Li is now immune to debuffs. Whenever an enemy attempts to debuff her, they lose 4% of their armor

Hope you liked it!


No because I don’t know them

Nevermind then

How about Napstablook from undertale

I could do that one

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