Invasion! Blue team for quick fight!

Use slow boost.

If mr. Incredible’s energy is full, There’s the possibility the quick fight fails.


Yellow team? This is blue team.

And anyways what does slow have to do with any of this? The best slowers are Louie (Pe), and Stitch (Ma).


I think they mean the Slow boost you can choose to activate before the fight, the one that reduces the attack and move speed of the enemies by 30% for 20 seconds.

Those slows are pretty weak :confused:

It’s no problem with pleakley’s Ju disk, Kristoff’s Fl disk and slow boost!!

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Thanks for the advice.
I use Meg instead of Boo. But looks like this is more easy for the quick.
Only the problem is Boo couldn’t survive :dizzy_face:

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Why are you even using Sulley?

I think that’s supposed to be Bo (Peep), not Boo (and Sulley).


They probably did not realize that they were using Bo Peep. It is no big deal. They were not trolling.


-close pls- :hot_face:

The team works but it’s very unstable… Bo Peep dies every time…

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That’s not a problem.
This formation will allow Mr. Incredible to live on as Bo Peep dies.She has always excelled in the role of sacrifice.No problem.The pace at which the number of resurrections increases is just a bit slow.

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