Invasion Boss Difficulty Bonuses

A lot of players settle for a subpar Invasion team, because there’s no reason to optimize once they can reliably take down bosses. To push them to optimize, I’m suggesting difficulty bonuses that are sort of like optional wards. They can be enabled or disabled to increase the points gained from defeating a boss.

Invasion difficulty bonuses (+12.5% points each):

  • -20s to time
  • Frontline heroes have 1 HP
  • Creeps are invincible for 5 seconds after they’re summoned
  • Armor/Reality Shreds only remove 10%

Those who already have good teams will have an easy time with these; that is the point.

The difficulty bonuses would be managed by the person who’s tracking a bot, before it’s attacked for the first time. Guild bots would be managed by Champions or the Leader.

This would make Invasion more engaging, I think. :slight_smile:

  • Good idea
  • Needs tweaking, but good
  • Bad idea

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