Invasion Breakers are so much harder

What a great idea to give everyone enhanced yellow skills in Invasion! As if having to deal with their full energy bars and 4 wards wasn’t enough. Quick fighting is useless now cause everyone just dies after 1 fight -.-
At least give us the option to equip Invincibility/hex in quick fighting


Auto quick fight right? I’m pretty sure you can use power-ups in normal quick fights.


Yes! You can use the power ups in normal quick fights.


Not powerups :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I forgot what they were called, but I think they are talking about the little buffs that give you things such as invincibility or a shield if you select them

Oh yeah, that’s what I meant :flushed:

Oh, in that case:
You can’t.

I know, I have my own idea.

If you have at least x of those buffs, where x is the number of the breaker fights you have not completed in a specific wave, you can opt in to use those “little buffs” for the remainder of the fights that wave.

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