Invasion Changes with 1.8 Update

@Polaris, Will Servers 2-8 get access to the same content as server 1 have been in this round of testing (once released)? I’m interested particularly if the mod advancement and second mod slot.

I’m super eager to play Invasion. Without having played it - it’s looking excellent.

Yes! The plan is to release invasion and mods together on other servers in an upcoming update.


This is definitely an improvement, but I think there are still problems.

  1. The team boss is often just a lot of loot for one person, especially when the guild has a wide variance in power. A top player can easily solo the team boss until it’s too strong, and nobody else can do anything, except get a few rewards if they scratch the boss before it’s dead.

  2. Hero powerups are so dominant that it feels pointless to invest in anything but a team of 5 in the current color. Changing my lineup to counter different abilities doesn’t matter when my team is so much stronger. And when I reach the point where defender power is closer to my attacking power, and abilities start to matter, my other heroes are so far behind in powerups that it’s still better to just keep buffing the same 5 heroes.

Here’s a couple random ideas:

Maybe, the team boss should be something different than the individual bosses? Something like a base that spawns a series of N low hp low defense low attack Brains, along with defenders scaled to the attacker. The idea is to let a wide range of players make meaningful progress taking out the N brains, while also making it expensive for a single player to solo the team boss.

Maybe, allow powerups to be reclaimed and redistributed once a day? This would make me feel less locked in to bad early choices when I reach harder enemies later in the week.


I had a similar problem in invasion this time. My top 5 didn’t have stun, freeze, slow abilities. And when I actually needed them, heroes were so far behind that I was stuck in breaker quest.

Is there going to be a invasion shop or something?

Hi @Polaris , I think you confirmed in this reply that Servers 2-8 would get the same access as Server 1 did with 1.8 (which was my question).
On server 3 you are starting Invasion at an earlier point (+0 and +1 only) - is this just for testing purposes?

Please could you clarify (again):

  1. When server 2-8 get Mods - will we be able to equip 2 mods per character?
  2. When Servers 2-8 get Mods will we be able to advance them to +2 mods?
  3. Will Servers 2-8 be getting Invasion with the next update?

Those of us that Mods are catering for (top end players) have been at the damage cap for some week/months. I know Invasion/Mods will get rolled out when it’s ready (which is correct ofc) but please be mindful that many of us are really desperate for something to do late game.

If I had just 2 wishes for 1.8.X they would be

  1. Invasion/Mods
  2. Next difficulty in Surge

I hope those will be in Server 3 today.

What about tournaments?

Also I think this invasion update is AMAZING. I’m from server 1 and the highest tier I got to was 7, and now it’s 11 thanks to this update

Love the update. Great new rewards for tier up and also from deafeating momma bosses…A+

I liked the changes all except once I got to the 35th challenger i got stuck I bought all the power ups waited for the next time it refreshed used all those power ups and i still couldn’t beat the bugs it went from 168,00 to almost double that… I couldn’t go any further with invasion after that…otherwise everything else was amazing I loved how challenging it was to beat the bots and the rewards were amazing… thank you

If a boss flees, do members still get points and other awards for fighting it?

If you join a guild while invasion is going on, will you be unable to participate for 24 hours like surge? Asking for new recruits in our guild.

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