Invasion Changes with 1.8 Update


Thanks everyone for all of your constructive feedback on the Invasion feature. Many good points were made overall, with the two most common ones being that the rewards weren’t good enough and the mode takes too long to play.

With the 1.8 release, we’ve got a number of updates to the Invasion mode and to Mods that should address those top issues, along with numerous other bits of feedback.

(Just a quick note, the next invasion won’t start until we release 1.8).

Invasion Updates

Better Rewards

We’ve drastically reduced the number of points needed to earn the progression rewards in Invasion. The old progression required 2 million Invasion Points to earn all of the rewards. We’ve lowered the total Invasion Points to 82,000, with only 18,000 points needed to earn half of the rewards. We’ve also increased the total amount of Mod power given out in rewards by 3x, added new mod fragments (see details below), and significantly increased the non-mod rewards.

Encouraging Group Play

We’ve also adjusted point rewards from fighting Bosses to encourage working together more with your guild. We replaced the 30% Damage reward with a Helper reward that you get as long as you have attacked another player’s boss. We also increased the points for Participating, Finisher, and 10% Damage and reduced the reward for Most Damage. Lastly, the random Boosts rewards from Bosses now have a chance to drop Revives and Power-Ups.


Another commonly requested change was making heroes auto-revive. That makes sense to us as well, so we’ve adjusted the system such that heroes automatically revive after 22 hours. Also, you can now spend Revive items on any KO’d hero to skip that timer, and you can do it as much as you want (as long as you have Revives to spend).

To make sure this change doesn’t increase the amount of time you need to play Invasion, we cut down the Revives that bosses are handing out.

So while the net effect here might seem stingier (less Revives, longer cooldown) on paper, the idea is to level the playing field and encourage shorter Invasion sessions every day.

Reducing Overall Play Time

Another change that ties into the idea of shorter, daily sessions is changing the way Invasion stamina generates. It now takes 12 hours for your Invasion Stamina to fill up, but you can hold up to 80 instead of 60. The means you don’t need to feel compelled to log on every couple hours just to use Invasion stamina. You can hop on 1-2 times per day instead.

Another change we’ve made to keep the Breaker Quest from getting too grindy is making the Breaker Fights get harder faster, starting at the 7th breaker fight. But at the same time, we’ve added a free daily pack of Power-Ups to the Invasion shop. We hope these two things work together so that you’ll hit a wall in Breaker Quest faster each day, but can then come back the next day, powerup, and make another run.

Don’t worry if you’re having difficulty just getting going in the Breaker Quest, the first 6 breaker fights are the same.

One last tweak to reduce overall time commitment is increasing the time it takes for a Boss to flee to 24 hours. This means you don’t have to worry about finding and losing Bosses, either individually or as a guild. Just checking in 1-2 times per day should be enough to take out wounded Bosses.

More Strategy when Fighting Bosses

Some players complained about the lack of strategic choices in Boss Battles. To help with this, we’re now allowing Boosts to be used in these fights. To go along with this, we also changed how Cripple works: it now reduces your enemy’s Armor and Reality by 50%.

Other Changes

  • We made Mama Bot’s red eye mode a little less crazy, especially at higher levels
    • This should reduce the feeling of “hitting a wall” players mentioned when they reached higher level Bosses.
  • Featured Heroes are now a little less common in the Power-Ups chooser to help increase player choice.
  • The Attack Speed Ward now reduces speeds by 50%! We heard your feedback on this one and agree that 75% was a little crazy :).
  • The Upgrade Mod daily quest now is hidden before TL 60, since you can’t easily earn Mod Power before then.

Mods Updates

Our goal with Mods remains to make them an awesome way for high-level players to customize and power up their heroes. So far, we’ve been conservative with the amount of power Mods offer because we don’t want to introduce any drastic power swings into the game. We plan to stick to this deliberate approach while slowly dialing up the total power you can get out of Mods.

Advancing Mods with Mod Fragments

  • The Mods you’ve been playing with so far are +0 and +1 Mods.
  • Now you can turn +0 Mods into +1 Mods, and +1 Mod into +2 Mods, via Advancement.
  • Advancing a Mod increases both its base stat and its per-level stat boost.
  • Advancing a Mod costs:
    • Mod Fragments, which are earnable exclusively in the Invasion.
    • Hero Chips, which attune the Mod specifically to that hero.

Second Mod Slot

  • You can now equip up to two Mods to each Hero.
  • This allows you to get more total power out of Mods.
  • But it also offers more choice in terms of which stats to use with each hero.

Thanks again for all your feedback. It has been extremely helpful to us in improving both Invasion and Mods!

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Now, that’s a good news from PB.
Sounds amazing, but when update 1.8 comes?


Asking the real questions


We’re working through the final QA this morning and will be submitting it to the app stores for approval once that’s done. Review times for the stores can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We’ll post the update details once we have them set. It won’t be today.


I’m not so sure about the category choice?

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Lol sorry to flood you with another question. Will invasion and mods be released to other servers?



Not yet! We want to watch these updates and see how they do.


Are you saying that the update won’t be today or the patch notes won’t be released today? I just got confused on what you meant


The update won’t be today. I’m hoping the patch notes will be ready to post today, but I’m still waiting for approvals.


Thank you for confirming that, I appreciate it


Thank you @Polaris for this information! It’s great to see our feedback put into effect. I am super excited to see how Invasion works with this new update! :grinning:


@Polaris I’ve brought up before that characters that have self-revives (Judy, Sally, etc.) will completely lose their resurrect skills after being revived from a permanent KO. I’ve also brought up that Mickey’s “Oh Boy!” will no longer heal after he is revived from permanent KO. These notes have no indication that these issues were looked at… I very much hope that these characters will not lose their value just for being KO’d at any point. It is especially crippling to Mickey.

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I didn’t really notice that but I do remember my sully not healing at the end of the boss fight so I’ll have to pay more attention to that


Awesome! Looks good. I can’t wait to get it on server 2 :smile:


I don’t hope this happens. I don’t want an effect to last even after the one who cast it has died. That’ll make battles with Miguel harder. Like in the grand finale of Gravity Falls. Bill Cipher dies in Grunkle Stan’s mind when it is erased. Bill went along with the erase. Or in Wreck-It Ralph/ Ralph breaks the internet. The code that doesn’t belong there will be deleted when the game is unplugged or its rebooted, probably even updates.


It happened with my sulley too I thought it was just fighting mechanic that was intended in the boss fight.


Please reply back, will the shops be changing out the heroes?


Which heroes are coming?


@Polaris well… invasion doesn’t started after update.


We had to start it manually. Should be up and running here shortly. :robot:

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