Invasion Competition #1 - Blue Week

Invasion June 29th - July 4th

I’d like to begin a weekly event where we compete to see who can score the most points in Invasion from across the servers. New players, don’t be intimidated! I’ll also be including tips for rookies, and the competition will use a division system so that you still have a fighting chance for the top. :smile:

Bronze Division :3rd_place_medal:: White-Purple+4

Silver Division :2nd_place_medal:: Orange+0-Orange+8

Gold Division :1st_place_medal:: Red+0 and above

Platinum Division :medal_sports:: All players VIP7+ who bought 3 or more deals during the Invasion period

At the end of the week, everyone posts which division they’re in and a screenshot of their personal score. When the next Invasion Competition is posted, the winner of each division and a leaderboard will both be added.

In the meantime, I’d like to help the less experienced players here by spotlighting a useful hero each week. To kick this off, I’ll cover an essential: Stitch!


  • Extremely fast energy gain
  • Long single-target Study
  • Self-sufficient in Breaker Quest
  • (With Maui disk) Powerful slow cripples Mama Bot, preventing her from summoning creeps and removing the need for durable frontliners/healing, freeing room for strong damage heroes


  • Negligible damage without buffs
  • Maui disk must have all 5 stars to work at full potential, although it is still useful at lower levels

Personally: I use Stitch (Ma) every Invasion, regardless of what color week it is. He has virtually no downsides, building him is a must if you want a high score in Invasion every week. Once you have his disk maxed, it’s important to keep in mind that Mama Bot is still able to fire a laser and spawn a brute before he uses his green. It’s easy to stall out the brute by activating another hero’s active skill, but on high level bosses an invincibility ward may be necessary to save your frontliner from the laser.

Allies: Animal is a good pair with Stitch, he provides both a speed buff for faster slobbering and a Basic Damage buff to power his active skill up enough to do decent damage. Most Normal Damagers will also work well with Stitch, as the study from his slobber guarantees x2 damage with every Normal attack.

TIP!: When a hero uses their active ability, or “white”, all allies and enemies are briefly stopped. However, the timer is not! It may be more efficient to use them two or three at a time during boss fights to squeeze the most you can out of those precious sixty seconds.

Credit to @LilRubyKinz for the main concept and division system


what if we want to do it but do not feel good about posting screenshots?

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to post screenshots, there aren’t any personal details or anything. But if for some reason there is, you can email it to yourself and crop them out in Paint. :no_mouth:

Otherwise, you aren’t going to be able to participate. An honor-based system is just a bad idea.


A few observations I’ve made about this:

  • Active skills with a long animation, like TEQ’s, are necessary for this to work. Shorter animations such as Bo’s aren’t long enough to be consistent.

  • If Mama begins the animation for her creep spawn skill before Stitch slows her, the slow is less effective and she’s still able to move (albeit at a very slow pace).

  • If Mama is hit during the pause time when a hero uses their white, she’ll no longer be paused. This means using two actives at the same time (for example, using Bo’s and TEQ’s at the same time to try and benefit from her Woody disk) will only pause Mama as long as the shortest damaging skill.

I hope this helps some of you. Slobber is a fickle thing sometimes. :slight_smile:

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I m in gold division

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I barely managed a fraction of that, but I’m silver division at least. :no_mouth:

Its great as welL…I m astonished…In one day…I almost doubled my score…And Maxed out tiers first time in non special invasion.

And This time for first time my guild went 1k bots…My guild isnt that good in invasion…But I need to admit That I alone made it reach 1k :smile:

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Nice! What’s your team comp? :slight_smile:

Breaket quest- Animal, Kristoff, Elsa,Duke, Meg , Bo peep ,Stitch.I just keep swapping betwenn these …Duke is key to breaker quest…His white is superb…
Boss- :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Gizmo ,Animal ,Hiro and A tank and Meg
Sometimes…I use…bo, elsa ,stitch, duke , animal

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Yeaaaah… I didn’t really try this week. Invasion has really lost its appeal for me.

Oh…My ur guild score…Oh My God…
Well Even I missef Invasion two days still…I borke my highest score…I m so GLAD

You’re gold division (Red+), right? :thinking:

I do not usually have the motivation to do it. It is just too difficult for newer players and F2P. I mean, I have been playing the game for over a year, but not with my current account.

No not really…I m a F2P btw

Just newer players then! Good for you for doing really well.

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My admision! Maybe not as good as many others, but i’m glad to be back in platinum next week

Edit: Forgot to mention i would be in silver division (best heroes are O2 to O4). Sorry for that :pensive:


gold division :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s good enough Imo…

Yes, but I became a lot busier these past few days, and I didn’t really try when I had free time. So I’m an easy opponent for y’all.

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