Invasion Competition #2 - Yellow Week

Invasion July 6th - July 11th

Welcome to this week’s Invasion Competition, where we compete to see who can score the most points in Invasion from across the servers. New players, don’t be intimidated! I’ll also be including tips for rookies, and the competition uses a division system so that you have a fighting chance for the top. :smile:

Bronze Division :3rd_place_medal:: White - Purple+4

Silver Division :2nd_place_medal:: Orange+0 - Orange+8

Gold Division :1st_place_medal:: Red+0 and above

Platinum Division :medal_sports: All players who bought 3 or more deals during the Invasion period

At the end of the week, everyone posts which division they’re in and a screenshot of their personal score. When the next Invasion Competition is posted, the winner of each division will be added to the rankings at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s hero spotlight: Li Shang.


  • Provides a very wide range of buffs, further emphasized by his Red Skill
  • Stat buffs are a hefty size
  • Adaptive to play, can change his function on a dime
  • “Raging Fire” stance provides healing and armor for players in need of survivability
  • “Coursing River” provides a decent speed buff and Basic Damage boost that will be especially useful for anyone using Beast or Robin Hood
  • “Great Typhoon” stance is arguably the best for boss hunting, providing allies with energy every time he uses his Basic Attack
    • Animal with his Gonzo disk can kick this into overdrive
    • Allies like Robin Hood and Belle will appreciate this the most
  • Mulan disk provides a strong Basic Damage buff to shielded allies


  • 3 out of 4 skills are level dependent, meaning he may be weak early Invasion if underleveled
  • Surprisingly fragile for a frontline hero, will require a more durable hero to stand in front of him

Li Shang is a powerful ally for bot slaying, who offers many utilities. His Mulan disk is optimal, however he certainly doesn’t need it to contribute.


Congrats to Pipsqueak for winning the gold division with 16.14M points! Incredible!
And congrats to myself for both winning the silver division with 628,536 points and for being the only silver participant!

Last Week’s Top 5:

Gold Division

User Score
Pipsqueak 16.14M
Umar AbuBakr 3.63M
Warrior Maui 339,585
Phaldow 242,891
The Hatbox Ghost 999 32,481

Silver Division

User Score
Rhetoric 628,536

Highest Scores of All Time

User Score Trial Color Division Week
Pipsqueak 16.14M Blue Gold 1
Umar AbuBakr 3.63M Blue Gold 1
Rhetoric 628,536 Blue Silver 1
Warrior Maui 338,585 Blue Gold 1
Phaldow 242,891 Blue Gold 1

Credit to @LilRubyKinz for the main concept and division system.


So how does this work do I just ask to enter the contest?

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Sounds interesting, how do I apply to join?

You do not apply or ask. You just post your results I think.


Indeed after the end of the week you post your result.

And don’t forget to post the league you’re in, as I did last week! Then you won’t be in the rankings

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Sorry for the double post, but it is the time for the results this week

I’m in silver division (orange rank)

Okay score for me, thanks mostly to Robin

Gold division.

Sadly this will probably be the last time I get over 1 million - I might be able to get there next week if I find enough time to play on Monday. After that, I’ve no interest in spending hours upon hours to scrape tier 50.

Silver division.

This is my personal best in a invasion, and I am proud of myself.

If anyone is interested, here is my invasion team…

The bronze division

Silver Division

I didn’t have as much time this week, and I don’t have Elastigirl’s JJ disk yet, so my score is only 1/3 of what it was last time. Silver division. :no_mouth:

Gold Division

Maxed out tiers last time…

Gold division

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