Invasion Competition #3 - Red Week

Invasion July 13th - July 18th

Welcome to this week’s Invasion competition, where we compete to see who can score the most points in Invasion. New players, don’t be intimidated! I’ll also be including tips for those who need them, and the competition uses a division system so that you have a fighting chance for the top. :smile:

Bronze Division :3rd_place_medal:: White - Purple+4

Silver Division :2nd_place_medal:: Orange+0 - Orange+8

Gold Division :1st_place_medal:: Red+0 and above

Platinum Division :medal_sports:: Bought 3 or more deals during the Invasion period

At the end of the week, everyone posts which division they’re in and a screenshot of their personal score. When the next Invasion Competition is posted, the winner of each division will be added to the rankings at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime, this week’s hero spotlight is Peter Pan!


  • Decent damage
  • Guaranteed dodge with “Air Parry” and 50% passive dodge chance lets him act as a makeshift tank
    • This can be especially useful with Stitch (Ma), as your team can potentially go the entire length of a bot fight without taking damage.
  • Alice disk can buff your entire team’s Basic Damage and Skill Power by up to 125%!
    • Allies that grant large boosts to those stats, like Rafiki and Gizmoduck, will benefit the most
  • Great for Breaker Quest


  • Dodge aside, he’s somewhat fragile for a frontline hero
  • “Blinding Light” loses effectiveness against bosses, as Mama is immune to blinds and doesn’t gain buffs.
  • His Alice disk is the only reason to use him for bot slaying, otherwise he’s better off replaced

Peter (Al) is a core component of Gizmoduck teams, and is still useful on his own. He may even find use in other weeks, as the buff isn’t level-restricted.


Congrats to Pipsqueak, Rose S21, and Prince Aamir!
Pipsqueak won the gold division with 12.08M points!
Rose S21 won the silver division with 1.75M points!
Prince Aamir won the bronze division with 28,578 points!

Last Week’s Top 5:

Gold Division

User Score
Pipsqueak 12.08M
Umar AbuBakr 3.74M
The Hatbox Ghost 999 33,555

Silver Division

User Score
Rose S21 1.75M
Lucas1999 220,865
Rhetoric 205,975
RedDragonDash 137,328

As Prince Aamir was the only bronze participant, there is no top 5 for that division.

Top 10 Highest Scores of All Time

User Score Trial Color Division Week
Pipsqueak 16.14M Blue Gold 1
Pipsqueak 12.08M Yellow Gold 2
Umar AbuBakr 3.74M Yellow Gold 2
Umar AbuBakr 3.63M Blue Gold 1
Rose S21 1.75M Yellow Silver 2
Rhetoric 628,536 Blue Silver 1
Warrior Maui 338,585 Blue Gold 1
Phaldow 242,891 Blue Gold 1
Lucas1999 220,865 Yellow Silver 2
Rhetoric 205,975 Yellow Silver 2

Credit to @LilRubyKinz for the main concept and division system.


With the recent nerf to Invasion superstar Gizmoduck, it would be nice for everyone, not just Invasion maniacs, to post our scores here at the end of the week so we’re able to see the impact of the change. Even if you score badly, that’s ok! This week we’re all judging PerBlue, not each other. :slight_smile:


Gold Division

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1.5M pre nerf…Rest after nerf.
Gold Division!:upside_down_face:

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Gold division

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Make Sure U post your division

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He’s in the gold division

Yeah right. Sorry.

Server 21 (platinum division)

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It depends on the rank of the heroes you fought with. In this case, you would be in the silver division

He’s fine, but I should tweak the requirements a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh they edited it after I posted

My submission for silver divission!

And great suggestion hero this week:

Might I add that Megabot (in combination with Mickey’s purple healing skill) is a usefull frontliner to compensate for Pan’s fragility?



Gold division

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I’ve been busy, so I’m a bit late to post this. Anyway, I’m silver division.

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Ima a little bit late, but here is my invasion results from last week…

Oh, wait, I forgot to put my division, but it’s gold.

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Aww missed posting…

So funny scores :grin::grin::grin:

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