Invasion Competition #4 - Blue Week

Stitch and Animal are certainly better if you worked on them a bit, but i haven’t yett so…


Yes, I have all of them on 01 at least


Congrats to Umar AbuBakr and myself!
Umar AbuBakr won the platinum division with 2.16M points
I won the silver division with 482,855 points

Top 5 4 for each division:

Platinum Division:

User Score
Umar AbuBakr 2.16M
Pipsqueak 1.4M
Filadae Djaq 534,371
Phaldow 327,081

Silver Division:

User Score
Rhetoric 482,455
Lucas1999 305,763
Irrer Minnie VIII 145,536
TotallyNotDash 137,176

I’ll continue to write helpful resources for the mode, however there will not be a new Invasion Competition this week. To everyone who participated over the weeks: thank you, and I hope that you’ll all continue to have fun playing in the future. :smile:


So… what happened to yellow week?

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@Rhetoric mentioned this could be the last. He also posted results here showing we won’t have yellow week here on the forums


Yeah I asked him and it was the last one. :sweat:

This shouldn’t have been flagged, he didn’t say anything wrong.

Also, there is no Invasion Competition this week @Asura.

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