Invasion heroes

What are the best damage heroes for each color (Red, Blue and Yellow)?

I imagine it depends on your server, but Madam Mim, Bo Peep, and a combo of Elastigirl, Megavolt, and Pan all work well for their respective colors.

S19. How about Nick? I’m thinking to use him for yellow team since I can’t get Madam Mim yet

Nick is a top damaging character for Yellow and is extremely useful for Bots and Breakers. You will need to keep up his 5 lemmings at all times though, so he’s not one that can just die and revive at their same effectiveness level. So, he needs a good “shield”, but will be a top damager just about every time if he can stay alive and hopefully time his white skill to sweep some creeps while traveling. All of his Shuriken Pops hitting the boss is quite strong, as well.

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