Invasion - ideas for improvements

Invasions is becoming a bit of a weekly grind for some. Wanted to get some ideas going on potential changes…

Suggestion - break Invasion up into 2 runs a week. Monday-Wednesday and Thursday-Saturday.

  • more frequent rotation of invasion teams
  • more rewards available for players, can max tier 2x a week
  • breaks up Monotony

Or maybe mon-Wednesday, Thursday no invasion, then Friday-Sunday …. Then go do an invasion contest.



I think this has a good amount of benefits, however some people work either week days or weekends, and this could exclude them from participating?

Also Lightning ROB still has to be announced, maybe it will bring a change in Invasion?

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For now people which work on weekdays have no chance to play invasion.
This change will allow them to play at least the second invasion.


Invasion runs until Saturday?

I like that. Monday-Wednesday and then Friday-Sunday :+1:

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