Invasion is again a chore and other things which are wrong


From Monday (15.07.2019) new progress tiers have been added - tiers 31 to 37.

‭ Now: 324 850‬ points are needed to claim all rewards
Tier 27, 33 and 37 gives new material which is crucial for upgrading disk
Tier 35 (only!) give new fragment material which is needed for advancing mods to +4.

To be able to receive these materials players is FORCED to spend HOURS only in invasion mode in DH:BM, not to mention all other modes like heist, surge, CW, farming badges and more.
Invasion was always big sucker of time but now it’s even worse, much bigger part of players doesn’t have that much time and will be behind with other players, to claim a lot of points player also needs very strong heroes and only ‘‘whales’’ will able to do this.

:hammer_and_wrench: Lower required points needed to hit and claim highest tier rewards, back to ~150.000 (just how it was before).

Unbalance between players (PVP modes)

Because only ‘‘whales’’ will be able to reach tier 37 only these players will be able to advance mods to +4 and upgrade their mods.
(Not) thankfully upgrading system of mods gives good stat boost and can help heroes with poor armor (Sulley) and reality (Darkwing and Jessie) but of course also other heroes. There was light in dark tunnel to ‘‘refresh’’ some heroes, but it’s hidden behind pay wall.
BIG THANKS PB! Making PVP modes EVEN harder for most of players it’s just what we need.

:hammer_and_wrench: If points require to claim mod upgrade pieces will decrease it will be fine.

Poor and very limited sources of new materials for upgrading and advancing

As before mentioned…
Tier 27, 33 and 37 gives new material which is crucial for upgrading disk
Tier 35 (only!) give new fragment material which is needed for advancing mods to +4.
Per week players are able to receive for free one mod, second mod for 240 diamonds (often used) and two more for enormous amount of diamonds.

This allow to upgrade two different of same type mods (this week SP mods) and advance to +4 only one mod.
We have now 64 heroes (and another 4 coming very soon) which each can wear 4 mods.
This mean we need 256 mods.
Additionally each hero have own unique needs, some heroes needs BD mods, some HP mods and other SP mods, some also work better with mix of mods.
Every 2 weeks we receive 2-3 heroes which will consume 8-12 mods and between updates players are only able to get 2-8 mods.

:hammer_and_wrench: Drastically increase amount of advancing materials and upgrading materials, and if possible give one extra free mod per week from progress rewards.

No decent rewards for work beetwen members in guilds

Invasion lacks of rewards for guild.
Only thing from guild is 100.000 mod power for best guild in server and lower amounts for others, quite poor reward for all work of 50 players’ (incessant work in 5 days each week).

:hammer_and_wrench: In invasion should be also added progress tier rewards for points collected by all members in guild.

:hammer_and_wrench: = Suggestion what to do.
Feel free to join discussion.
Please look at this @Polaris


It’s that bad, huh…

I guess the whole idea was doomed from the start


I think the problem is that they are looking at making the invasion more rewarding instead of making it more fun.

More rewards doesn’t always equal more fun

So by doubling mods values and adding more tiers for more upgrading, they definitely made invasion worth more of the effort. You will see a difference in your gameplay by getting these rewards. But, my guild is also saying the same thing, it still feels like it’s too much effort and some people would rather forego the reward and not deal with invasion. I think the repetitive nature of it is what kills it. It’s the same fights over and over just with stronger enemies, no strategy except maybe a rotation of skills and no final outcome at the end of the event that’s worth it.


Jeez, that’s a lot. I suspect their data is getting skewed somewhat since (at least on S3, surely the other servers too) there are a handful of players that tend to get in the region of a million points each week.

That’s only those with plenty of time and money on their hands, though (and with guildmates who can support that) - for us mere mortals simply completing all the tiers took long enough and there wasn’t any worth in pushing further, as that already meant spending at least an hour a day on invasion alone. I’ve never even come close to getting 300k points and can’t imagine how long I’d have to play to hit that - combined with how long all my guild-mates would also have to play to keep providing bots to be hit - it would just take a monumental amount of time.

You’re right, putting crucial upgrade materials behind this pay/time wall seems like a poor decision. Yes, we want aspects of the game to reward time & effort put in - of course - but we don’t want the game to feel like a 2nd job, which invasion in this state seems to be leaning towards.


Maybe, but time which is needed to spend in invasion should reward somehow good. It’s few(many) hours, not an hour.
Now is worse, player need to spend these hours to get upgrading materials for mods.


Lol in my server probably only about 10 ppl who could reach that high. Which you all could guess they all whales top ranked players. The rest couldn’t ever bother playing it. The rewards are not worth the time and efforts especially after the insanely nerfed rewards.
Invasion honestly has becoming more and more pointless. A game mode made only for top players to get them more stronger…

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I’ve seen better rewards since the first week of Invasion… on Tier 5!

Also there is a typo

Don’t you mean “15.07.2019”?

I think you might have read it with the wrong intention. I’m saying that PB added more rewards, but when they did that, it did not fix the problem of it being boring. Instead, it’s still “a chore” as you say and is becoming a necessary part of the game to stay high ranked, when they should be focusing on making it more fun first.


OMG. My server 12 just have tier 30 and I thought that was tiring enough. Just to find out there will be more down the way :frowning:

Right now, with Yellow weeks, I can somehow manage to reach that point. But with the update rate of max level and rarity, it will change, for the worse :frowning:

Mod upgrade seems nice but I wonder, how many people would be able to do that?

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Gasp!!! Fixed.

Now I got it.
Though, there nothing THAT big that mods are now key to power heroes, but it’s limited only to best players which already dominate and now difference will be expanded. And this is a problem.

Not many and that’s another issue with balance.

Now maybe it will be a good time to revisit the non-mod power rewards.

With O8 and level 130 touching our door next week is necessary a increase for those rewards more that before.

This sounds like a job for my Invasion bosses suggestion! Harder bosses would definitely give more points, and more in general would be a great relief from fighting another 100 Mama bots. Maybe I’ll make a few more to revive the topic. But yeah, Invasion sucks right as it is right now. :frowning:


Yeah I want to get the SP mod fragments to upgrade my mods to +3 in the future but they’re like tier 30! I’m level 121 but the highest I usually get to is around 21.


I think possible solutions could be:

  1. Lowering the required points
  2. Have 2 or 4 spots for Putting different types of mod Frags in the invasion shop each day
  3. Make a new permanent mod crate that cost a new kind coin earned in Invasion instead of normal gold
  4. A Mod shop similar to the Badge Bizarre or Memory Shop
  5. Make the rewards less wimpy. Not as extreme as they once were but waaaayyy less wimpy then they are now.
  6. Various versions of bosses to spice things up.
  7. Difficulty levels each one with different amounts of rewards, different enemy levels, and Dialoge at different points to give a story and eventually a conclusion.
  8. Perblue actually listening to what we are saying unlike last time everyone starting complaining about Invasion.

Are you on server 1? We don’t have any of that on server 3. But I do agree invasion is tedious and they scraped the rewards so bad its not even worth it anymore, even with the extra mod power. Those thousands of xp drinks and upwards of 80 stamina bottles were the only way many could attempt to remain competitive without spending.

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Exactly. The game is fun when skill is the biggest and most important factor in the outcome of a battle. Upgrades should be simply a LONG-TERM goal to work towards, as extra stuffing to fall back on if you mess up.
But each new feature adds a new way to make your heroes stronger, and with minimal skill involved in forming a team, the only to progress becomes through your power. (Think Hero Level, Skill Level, Rank, Stars, Badge Enhancements, Friendship Disks, Mods, and Collections.) The game Modes are simply different battles (of which, hero strength matters most) (all 3 Campaigns, Creep Surge, City Watch, Arenas, Coliseum, Challenges, Heist, War, and Invasion are nothing but battles). This is what it becomes.

1: Use your heroes in “game” modes to get stuff
2: Use that stuff to make your heroes stronger (and maybe get more heroes)
3: Use your stronger hero to get more stuff (or get it faster)…

And this quickly turns into a chore of logging in and accumulating stuff in the hopes that you can improve your heroes. There is no achievable “END GOAL” (other than being #1)

For me at least, the problem isn’t with the invasion rewards and mods, it’s with the game currency. In the Invasion scenario, you are forced to grind to get the points to advance tiers for very little rewards. Normally no one would do such a thing. But if your want your heroes to get stronger, you NEED to play to get the mod power and mod fragments. If you don’t, everyone who does will pass you. (Mods weren’t big enough of a deal before, so they doubled mod stats AGAIN. this isn’t being nice, instead, it just forces you to grind invasion for laughable rewards, just because mod fragments are exclusive to Invasion.)
If this game were designed to last (have a substantially large enough player base to stay active for years to come,) it would put much less emphasis on improving heroes and more focus on improving your skill and knowledge of the game. But PB is addicted to money, so…

(It is a shame, because this game design is extremely flexible and could literally go anywhere. Shame it walked the path of P2W)


Yes, it’s really a shame it walked down the PtW path. Since the only emphasis is on getting stronger and not better in strategizing it’s becoming dull and tedious.
When the last patch notes were announced I commented that players need more possibilities to obtain mods with 4 mod slots. Make them at least obatainable with diamonds in deals outside invasion. Or add some to progress tiers in contests. 256 is just way too much. And this is where it’s going to on younger servers. Way faster than S 1 and S2-8.

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After the latest update on server 12, with Yellow team, I could only gain 260k point @@ at this rate, when they decide to implement tier 37 in my server, I’d never be able to reach that @@ what a horrifying nightmare

Yes. That is the biggest reason I have largely stopped playing the game. Sure, I log in a do my daily taps, but I dont actually put time and effort in. I would rather spend them in games where my dedication and skills are rewarded. I only play for real if I’m bored, which rarely ever happens.
I still frequent these forums (sadly, more than the game itself) , as they are great and I enjoy seeing the mechanics people come up with in Unlikely Character Concepts, celebrating Stitch, and even begging PB to see the light behind them and turn the game around. These forums use a creative aspect that isn’t seen anywhere in DHBM.

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Since you’re thankfully back from holiday @Polaris could you send this to team or something what will help players?

Whole game is chore but invasion is biggest issue, reducing points by half to claim tier 37 rewards will be enough.
Firstly reduction of rewards by 70% while targets to claim them were keeped, now we need to do so much to be able to upgrade mods, how rude…

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